Episode 34: Winter is coming

After a short delay due to our floors being done, Rachel and I are back

Rachel graduated from her Chaeli Campaign Ambassadors course and she has decided to continue next year. A huge thank you to everyone who helped with the hats, washcloths and donations.
Last weeks winner of the Cape Point hat already has the pattern so we drew again, Lilymaya is our new lucky winner.

My blogging A-Z did not go that well, so I am thinking of a new way to do this.

I met with Meg from Mind The Curves to talk about designing for plus sizes and would love to hear if anyone else has any input.

Finished Objects

– my Sockhead hat in the Wombling Free colourway from Den of Yarniquity is finished

– I have done the first square of my Log Cabin Blanket
Waiting for some yarn from Yarn Stash PMB to compete my 2nd square, she is having a 25% off sale until 15 May

– One of Yme’s socks is done in Opal Hundertwasser with Fish Lips Kiss heel

Works in Progress

Sylvi for Karin

Tau which is in the naughty corner – I am still worried it will not fit

Lovely gifts from Erica in sweden,

Erin in US sent Rachel a lovely parcel

and my April sock yarn from Sally (wooldiaries)

Competitions and KALs

Don’t forget to enter the Pearl of the Pacific pattern giveaway and come and share your beach memories.

Remember how I said I was not going to do a KAL now, well plans changed and with the new Game of Thrones out and winter arriving in South Africa I have decided to do a Winter is coming shawl KAL
The pattern is 40% off until the end of April with the code: GoT
You have until 21 June to knit the shawl and enter it in the thread to be in with a chance to win some prizes.

The most amazing of which is a ball of gradient dyed Yarn from Twisted Fiber Art
It changed from black, through grey to light grey/white




Other prizes include:
A pattern from my collection of the winners choice
Any pattern of the winners choice up to the value of $7

So come along and join the fun.

A-Z knitting – C is for Cables

Cables are one of those things that can strike fear in new knitters, as they look complicated. In fact once you have mastered the simple technique the possibilities that cables can bring to designs are endless. Simply moving the order in which stitches are knitted, and then crossing them behind or in front of each other and a whole new texture can be woven.

When learning to knit a new stitch I think that doing a test square is often a good way to learn. These little swatches can all be sewn together one day to make a blanket – or a Husbands Jersey, but more on that another day. I found working through a stitch dictionary as a kid learning all the stitches and practicing on squares very useful. This way you only have a concentrate on getting the cable right on a swatch rather than a big project.

In my designs now I have used cables 3 times so far

Owl and Pussy Cat Hat to make the Owl


Little Nut Brown Hare Hat inspired by the book Guess How Much I Love You

And the Baobab Pullover which is in my Mzansi – South Africa on my needles book


I love that you can make anything from an owl, a tree or a celtic knot and many things in between just with cables.

Love them or hate them they are a knitting skill worth learning

A-Z knitting – B is for Bag

Today B is for bag, now while for a lot of women this may imply a lovely, fancy, expensive handbag for a knitter this has to be a project bag. Who am I kidding, it never stops at one bag, so make that bagS

There was a time when my projects far outnumbered the number of project pages that I had. The situation was rather dire, in fact there may have even been a few cases where some of my project were in plastic shopping bags – gasp, shock horror!!

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April A-Z knitting – A is for Alpaca

I have decided to do the April A-Z blog challenge. I saw someone on FB mention it and I thought I would give it a try. I am not sure where it started or who is hosting it and I am sure that I could go and dig and find out. But seeing as it is the 1st April and I have 2 of the 3 kids out of the house and the 3rd playing minecraft I thought I would just start. I am going to do my A-Z on a fibre/knitting/crafting theme so here goes.

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