I run because I have to. I know that sounds weird but running is like my happy pills. It makes me feel good. I love that I need nothing more and a good pair of shoes and the body I have. Well I do need to rope in a baby sitter but the Grandparents are usually more than willing.

While I run it is just me, and at the moment since my ipod is on the to-do list, and my thoughts. Maybe it is the forward motion of running but I always feel better and am able to have clearer more creative thoughts when I run. What I ‘write’ in my head when running is always so much better than when I come to sit down and actually get it out. Maybe I need some sort of a voice recorder that I can use when I run.

Somehow making out the words through the puffing and panting might be hard and I think that vocalizing what it is I am thinking will stop the free flow of ideas. I will just have to be resigned to the fact that what comes out in written word will never be quite as good as it was in my head but at least the ideas have a place to start.