Tutorial: Swiss Darning/Duplicate stitch

My Owl and the Pussy Cat pattern uses Swiss Darning otherwise known as Duplicate stitch to sew the cats onto the hat. Here is a quick Picture Tutorial on how to Swiss Darn

Swiss Darning allows you to go over the stitches you have done to make them a different colour or picture. Stranded knitting is often used to do this when knitting in the round, but in some patterns, like The Owl and the Pussy Cat one of mine, the spaces between the different colour sections are too big and so swiss darning is very helpful for adding the colour on afterwards.

I like to work up and down the rows of knitting but you can work across too. Find what seems easiest to you. One darning stitches covers a stocking stitch, what you see is the legs of the V, the yarn also goes across behind the next stitch to hold it in place. You can see a few done already in the picture below. The yarn is now below the stitch about to be covered.

yarn below stitch to be covered

follow the leg of the stitch V and insert darning needle behind the legs of the stitch above, following where this stitch goes across.

insert the needle back where you started this stitch and so covering the other side of the V

Have the needle exit moving one stitch up ready to cover the next stitch in the pattern.

continue covering the stitches that correspond to the pattern in the same way

when moving down the next column you will be crossing underneath the stitch that you have just done before

move one stitch down to complete the stitch and have the yarn ready to cover the next stitch

the back should look something like this

finished cat

I hope this is clear, if my wording is confusing try just looking at the pictures, it was actually harder to explain than I thought. If anything is not clear or you need help please feel free to email me cameronsallyjane (at) gmail.com

Tutorial How to make a Dinosaur tracksuit top

I saw this Dinosaur tracksuit top on Pinterest, it is so easy. I made one for Caleb’s birthday and it has been a real hit with him and his friends. Here is the link to the blog tutorial with some nice pictures, I have added my instruction below

Here is how to make it:

1: Find a plain tracksuit top with a hood and zip, this was the hardest part as it is very hard to find plain tops with no writing or pictures on them.

2: Choose a colour felt that works with the colours of the top you bought

3: Make a triangle shaped template to cut out the spines. I measured from top of the hood along the middle of the back to the base and divided this by about 11. I think they were about 5cm at the base

4: Fold felt in half and cut the triangles with base on the fold so when opened it makes a diamond.

5: Fold the tracksuit hood and body down the middle where you want the spines to go and iron along this line. I am a non ironer but this really does help you to get them in the right place.

6: Sew the diamonds down on this ironed fold line, the original idea the lady hand stitched them but I use the machine and it was super quick

7: Fold the diamonds in half to make triangles and sew along the sides, you can use blanket stitch like this or just straight stitch too.

8: Done! Give it to your designated child to wear.