Can I have your number?

Is there still a place for old fashioned dating?

I have a non blogging friend that is keen to know if people think there is still place for old fashioned dating, where the guy ask for girls number and ask her out on a date. Social media seems to play such a big role now a days that asking for a number seems less common than sending a FaceBook friend request, or BBM contact or following twitter

I am a social media girl, I met The Geek and most of my friends here in Cape Town through my computer, in one way or another. I actually love that you can chat on places like twitter and have contact with people you might never have crossed paths with otherwise.

When I separated from my ex and started the long divorce process I remember the thought of dating was terrifying. I did not want to have to go hang out in club/bars like when I was 20s. I had no idea how to date as an adult. How do you actually meet people? And having kids added a whole new complexity to this question.

A friend introduced me to twitter and my world just opened. Granted twitter was slower and smaller and the SA tweeters knew each other and chatted often then. Naturally these friendships spilled over into real life and tweetups happened. Through one of these in Cape Town, I met The Geek.

I am quite glad that there was this way to meet people and that I did not have to go out and spend evenings in bars. Or enduring the horror of blind dating. I liked getting to know people first. I also think that it levels the play field a bit. The Geek is awesome, but not always socially confident. He is a true Geek and so asking for someone’s number is not something he did. I wonder if he had spotted me across a bar if he would have ever asked for my number.

But as social media explodes now, it is becoming less personal than a few years ago. I wonder if in some ways it has changed dating, for better or worse I am not sure. At some point people have to step out from behind social media screen and risk getting to know people for who they are. People can be very different on line.

So what do you think, is social media detracting from old fashioned dating?
Did you meet anyone on line or using social media?
Do you wish things were more like they were before?

Twitter, is there a limit to what should be tweeted?

I remember catching the tail end if discussion on Twitter about stuff people thought should not be tweeted about – over sharing. One person said that someone was rather frowned on because she tweeted during a miscarriage. I said I might tweet in a similar situation as it is a time you need support.

Little did I know that a few weeks later, this would be me. I started bleeding last week, you can read the while story on (where are my pants) I did tweet, and I received the most overwhelming support and good wishes. For me it made it easier to go through, knowing I had support and people who cared.

So what do you think, is there an over share on Twitter, should some stuff be off limits?