Day 28 → What if you were pregnant or got someone pregnant, what would you do?

PMSL I think it might be questions like these that started Angle thinking this is a teenage girl Meme and I think I tend to agree. Anyway with a 24 week bun in the oven I guess it is obvious that I would have the baby. But there was a moment when the 2 lines appeared that it seemed like the worst thing in the world at that time, I sobbed tears about how unfair it was and how there are so many of my friend who have sore hearts and would love a baby and yet I got one and was not in the place where I was ready.

I wrote a long agonizing post about the decision to keep the baby on our Pinky & The Geek Blog, I know abortion is not openly discussed but here was my take on making that decision.


Tomorrow I am getting divorced. I have planned my outfit, found something I look slightly less  pregnant in. No idea why it feels important not to look pregnant but somehow it does. Or maybe I should just wear a tight top and cause the quiet behind the hands whispers. At 16 weeks it is ridiculous to have a bump at all but it is there and a lot of it.

I have some really great friends helping me tomorrow. Andre is coming with me to court and has stood by as a friend as I have fought for this day. I am really glad not to be doing it alone. Suzanne and her 2 lovely kids are watching my pinklets which is a huge help and I am glad not to have to worry about them. I have amazing friends and feel very supported and loved tomorrow.

I am sorry I can’t have a proper celebration drink afterwards. But good timing and planning where never my strong point. I am sure one celebratory champagne would be okay? In a way it feels funny to say celebrate a divorce, after all a broken relationship is nothing to celebrate. But there are times when getting out is the best thing to do, for all concerned. The celebration is not of the failure but of the ability to look forward to new beginnings.