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Abortion anyone?

I am Pro Choice. I have blogged about needing to make that choice before on Pinky and the Geek.

Tonight I was driving home from watching Cars2 with the kids, which was really cute. At the end of DJ Fresh’s show was a comedy minute and the woman was talking about abortion she said that she was Pro Choice but somehow people always seem to hear wrong and interpret this to be Pro Abortion.

At first these may look like one and the same thing but as she went on to say no one says “oh I am bored lets have an abortion for fun” or has abortion parties. No one relishes the idea, just sometime it is the best decision (choice) for that woman at that time and as such her right to choose should be respected. Knowing no one goes into it lightly and without it having an effect on them, sometimes the alternative is worse.

Of course prevention is better than cure and no one goes around telling everyone it is a fantastic idea and great fun. It is just a hard difficult option.

So I agree with the comedian (and she was actually funny, I know it sounds like a strange thing to write comedy about, but she was good at highlighting a sensitive issue) I think there is a difference between pro choice and pro abortion. Or is it just semantics? What do you think?

FitFlops – gym while you walk, do they work?

I got these very cool pink Fit Flops from my sister in the UK for my birthday. I entered the world in May so it was a while before it was warm enough to wear them in Cape Town. But since then I have worn them a lot and been asked quite a few times what they are like and if they are worth getting. I have had people in the Post Office and shop queue ask as well as friends, so I thought I would do a little blog post about them.


Pink FitFlops

I have some lovely Fuschia ones like these. They are by far some of the most comfortable shoes that I have ever worn. They really support your foot and you can wear them a long time without your feet getting tired. Especially being pregnant, when walking and standing can get tiring they are great. They tend to be my shoe of choice when I need to grab shoes to put on and go out.

My only 2 cons are that mine have white soles and so they tend to get rather grubby looking, especially if I have been walking around on our wooden floors barefoot and then put them on. No matter how much I clean these floors they ALWAYS make your feet a bit dirty. WE would fail that sock test they show on one of the floor cleaning ads. I think a darker sole would be nicer.

They can make your feet sweat a bit, not heaps but if really really hot, like it has been in CT the last few days then it can happen. That said I think feet would have sweated in anything in this heat.

So they are comfortable, but what about all the exercise benefits?
FitFlop Facts

This is what they are supposed to do, I am not sure that I ever felt like my legs got a work out while wearing them, but then again a slow pregnant waddle might not be the best way to assess that. I feel like my bum is expanding to counterbalance my bump so as for them toning my bum and legs I think they were fighting a loosing battle against pregnancy expansion.

They are very very comfortable and even though quite pricey here in South Africa I would still highly recommend them as worth the money.

Twitter, is there a limit to what should be tweeted?

I remember catching the tail end if discussion on Twitter about stuff people thought should not be tweeted about – over sharing. One person said that someone was rather frowned on because she tweeted during a miscarriage. I said I might tweet in a similar situation as it is a time you need support.

Little did I know that a few weeks later, this would be me. I started bleeding last week, you can read the while story on www.pinkyandthegeek.co.za. (where are my pants) I did tweet, and I received the most overwhelming support and good wishes. For me it made it easier to go through, knowing I had support and people who cared.

So what do you think, is there an over share on Twitter, should some stuff be off limits?

New Tattoo in the planning

Okay so after establishing that I can not get a tattoo in pregnancy. I am resigned to wait until after the birth. It seems that while worried of hepatitis and stuff are unfounded now as a reputable places only use sterilized equipment and new needles, they worry seems to be about the ink and the stress hormones that might affect the baby. That I can understand, not that I find tattooing very stressful but still better safe than sorry.

Breast feeding seems to be another issue, Le Leche League seeme to think that the ink particles were too big to pass into breast milk so from that point of view it was fine. There was some question about infection, although systemic infection from tattoo’s is rare now a days. The only issue that might arise is the again the stress hormones might affect the milk and the way it tastes. I think i might wait until pinkgeekbaby is 6 months and on solids and then pump before I go and use that milk afterwards and then pump and dump the few feeds after just to be sure. My children breast feed for 2 years and I can not wait that long!

This is what I want
Triple spiral

a Celtic symbol that represents life’s main triads in eternal movement and balance, like birth, life and death, body, mind and soul or sky, sea and earth.
According to Uriel’s Machine by Knight and Lomas (2003) the triple spiral may represent the nine month period of human pregnancy, since the sun takes a fourth of a year to go from the celestial equator (an equinox) to extreme north or south declination (a solstice), and vice versa. During each three-month period, the sun’s path appears to form a closely-wound quasi-helical shape, which can be likened to a spiral, so that three spirals could represent nine months, providing an explanation for a link between fertility and the triple-spiral symbol.

I want to put each of the kids names in one of the spirals, no idea where I am going to put it though – ideas?


It seems fitting somehow that on spring day 1 September I got all sorts of news but the 2 big ones are

The lawyer’s office phoned and we have a court date. 29 September, yay in less than a month a year and a half’s worth of fighting is finally over. I can hardly believe it. Does a party sound crude? It is just such an immense relief to finally get it over. I have no idea why this paper means so much as it really does not change anything but somehow it seems important. Besides in rather a humorous way, it would be nice to go to court before I look like I swallowed a melon. Now I need to find a kid sitter for the day and a friend to come sit with me. I am sure I will be fine alone but it will be nice to have a bit of moral support.

We found out that pinkgeekbaby is in fact only one and not 2 as was feared, but I am just fat and showing big for only 12 weeks. The story is on the other blog

So all round good news. In other news we decided to go for the house in Melkbos and will be moving at the end of October. I am really looking forward to having our own house and am thinking about all the things I can finally do with my own space. Rainwater butt, veg garden, solar panels, etc ooh I can make a little eco house! Besides I get to paint ( eco paint of course) but I love colour, I wonder if Yme is ready for all the colour 😉