Growing the pink out?


I am thinking of growing my pink hair out. This is not the first time I have thought this, but I usually chicken out and just redye it. I love my pink hair. It has become part of my identity, but I do wonder if my strawberry blonde hair is still there.

Rachel has hair like mine used to be. I was convinced mine when more brown as I got old but now looking back at photos I am not sure.
This is me when the kids were small

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Pinky is back – and I had a birthday party

I turned 36 yesterday and I decided it was a good age to have a birthday party. I usually do the braai and jeans thing on my birthday. I realize that 36 is not traditionally a big birthday but I am not really one for tradition. I guess I might skip the 40th then, who knows, I have leant not to plan the future.

While I never wear heels for height reasons I quite like dressing up now and again. But this time for my birthday I thought, height be damned I am going to wear heels and have a cocktail party. I really enjoyed it but my feet are not thanking me.

The night before I needed to do my hair and the choice was whether to stay light pink or go darker again. The Geek likes the lighter pink, but he is very careful to make sure that I know it is up to me to do what makes me happy. I said to him that I thought I would go back to my normal colour. He looked a a little shocked and said ” what, brown?” I told him not to be ridiculous, I meant my bright pink. That is what I think of as my normal proper colour.

It makes me happy when my hair is pink. This is rather a poor quality picture but I like it anyway. Hooray for Atomic Pink


I cooked and baked for the party

savoury snacks

I got to use our wedding lemonade stand again
Lemonade stand

party snacks

Nadine from Jorjacs Cakes did it again with another great cake. I gave her free reign to do whatever she liked. I just said it was a cocktail party to dres up and wear high heel shoes.

I landed up taking very few pictures during the party and don’t have any of The Geek and his brother together in their Tuxedos. I am not sure if anyone else took pictures, we just all seemed too busy chatting.

I did get one of Titus and Yme

Here is one of the few of me
Pink Hair

Blowing out candles and cutting the cake with Rachel
Blowing candlecutting cake

And although there are no photos of them on, and thankfully no photos of The Geek and i standing next to each other, here are the shoes I wore. My feet still do not feel normal!

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Wedding Hair

I went to do the colour for the wedding trial hair today. When in to the hair dresser at 11:30 and out at 4:15! It was a long day but it was quite nice not to have kids running around calling Mommy every 0.035 seconds.

We did a paler pink, left some lighter blond bits, it is hard to do it exactly like the other pic as it is not blonde to start with and rather pic. That picture was blonde with pink marbled on. So unless I bleached it all and stripped out the pink it would not work and I really don’t want to strip or damage my hair.

Here is the final result

I love the sides BUT I think the the plaits must go into the roll and be a bit less fussy at the back, what do you think?

this is the part I am not sure about

Touching lives

I have always believed in the power of sharing your story and owning your truth. I was reminded how sometimes simply sharing your experience can connect you with someone else for a profound moment. Seeing as it was Women’s Day today it seemed fitting to share this story.

At the expo I did in Joburg with Carle I had the following experience. I was chatting to a lady about crocheting socks, she was a vendor at a stall a couple down from us. As we were chatting I overheard 2 of the other ladies saying “not that I will ever get married again, but if I do this is such a nice idea” – she was paging through a magazine. I never saw what she was talking about, but being a bit of a big mouth, I could not help but pipe up “I also said I would never get married again and now I am” She looked at me as if to say; Yes, but you don’t know where I have come from. She then said “can I ask you something personal, why do you have pink hair”. I told her that after my disastrous marriage I came out having lost who I was, and very very sad. The pink hair was the road to finding myself. It made me happy and it reminded me to never again forget who I was or let it get changed or buried by someone else. To be true to myself, even if that person was a bit odd and quirky. She said something like it was lovely and rather brave. We small talked a bit and then I had to go back to our stall.

Later just before I was leaving for the airport she called me over and she said “I just wanted to say that I really admire you, you came out of your bad marriage with pink hair and I came out fat” I looked into her eyes and could see the pain as clearly as if it it had been freshly carved into her soul, yet there were layers of hurt from years of pain. I just said “You are a strong and beautiful woman and you can find the person lost inside again – it will get better” There was a connection and moment when time stood still and I just held her eyes and tried to send as much love as I could. I was then called to leave and the moment was over. I hope she believed me, I hope she knows how special and valuable she is as a person, worthy of great love. I saw someone who believed she would never marry again as she had been so torn down, she did not see herself as able to find someone to love her for who she was. I hope she finds that someone, but most of all I hope there are more women on her journey willing to share their stories that might help her heal.

I hope I touched her life in a small way because she touched mine, she connected with me and gave me a piece of her hurting soul that I will carry with me. I hope I gave her a piece of my vision that it can be better and that it lightened her load a little.

Someone once told me he did not want to love again because each person he loved he gave a piece of his heart to and felt like soon there would be nothing to give anymore. I think he missed the point or maybe I remember his point wrong. I feel different, I feel that we have to give pieces of our heart and soul away so that we can receive pieces back. These help us see the world through experiences different to our own. I know he was talking about a girlfriend, but when you fear connection, be it in a relationship or in a brief encounter with a stranger, I think you lose the chance to change your life and theirs. Not all people were supposed to stay in our lives for long, some are just a passing encounter. We only have to be open to looking past the masks we all wear and seeing the soul.

This is not a pat me on the back kind of story, see how great I am for connecting with someone. It is to show that sometimes we don’t know how powerful sharing our story can be and how much it can touch someone else’s life. Being able to feel like we are not alone in our experiences, is often what we need to find a way through them. I have had those who have inspired and shared with me that have made my road easier and to each of them I say thank you.

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Manic Panic Giveaway colours

Gabbi from Anonamiss Beauty Emporium emailed me the most amazing pictures of the Giveaway dyes on real people. These colours are awesome. Look at that Yellow it is fabulous!

Remember you don’t need to be as bold as to do a whole head of hair, highlights or doing the bottom half of your hair so that the roots are not such an issue is also possible.

Draw is on Friday at midday or as close as I can, so hurry and don’t miss the chance to brighten your world

Manic Panic Hair Dye Giveaway

The votes are coming in and so far it seems like the first pictures for the pink and blonde hair is in the lead.
It is one that I am really fond of too. I have wanted to go lighter for a while and so now I will start the process of growing out the Atomic Pink from Special Effects and Adding the new Cotton Candy Pink from Manic Panic from the top every time I do my roots. I went to collect my Cotton Candy Amplified from Gabbi at AnonaMiss Beauty Emporium today. They are giving me a pot to try and and review. A lot of people ask me where I get my dye and it is great to have a South African company to refer them to.

So this weekend The Geek, who of course does not dye my hair, will be pleased to be NOT helping me *wink *wink

To share the colour love with readers of the PHG blog and as a small thank you for all the votes. I have a great giveawy for you sponsored by AnonaMiss Beauty Emporium One lucky reader will win a pot of Classic Manic Panic Hair Dye. Have you always wanted to try some colour and were not brave enough? Well enter here and it might just be the push you need.

We have 5 fun colours for you to choose from.

What to do to enter:
– Leave a comment on this blog post, say which colour your would like.
– Make up a cool alter ego name that you would call yourself, if you got to rock your new hair colour. Eg Fuschia Fox, Miss Magenta
– Like AnonaMiss Emporium’s Face Book page for an extra vote, come back here to say you have liked it so I can add a vote for you
– Tweet about the competition, again let me know here so I can count your entries
– Sadly you have to be resident in South Africa to enter.
– I will leave the competition open for a week and next Friday we will draw the winner at midday ( or as close as the kids will allow me) That way you get great colourful news right before the weekend to make you smile

Fear Not, you don’t have to dye all your hair like I do, you can start with a streak or just dye the bottom layer of your hair so that you don’t have the problem or roots growing out, the possibilities are endless.

Colours to choose from are as follows

Classic New Rose Shock
Classic Shocking Blue
Classic Rock ‘n Roll Red
Classic Green Envy
Classic Electric Banana ( just for giggles, don’t know if anyone will be brave enough )

New Rose
shocking blue
Rock n Roll Red
Green Envy
Electric Banana

Basic info on the Manic Panic Dye:

  • Manic Panic Semi-Permanent hair cream is made from vegan-friendly natural-based ingredients, fortified with herbal and protein complexes with restorative properties.
  • The original Classic range offers 28 brightly hued colours, with 14 of these best-selling colours also available in a 30% stronger, longer-lasting Amplified formula! We’re also extremely excited for two new shades of blue that will soon be available!!
  • Used correctly on pre-lightened hair it can be used to create intensely bright colours (some even glowing under UV light) or give a highlight of colour over naturally lighter hair.
  • Imported from New York, USA, Manic Panic was founded in 1977 by two punk-rock sisters. Although the range includes various alternative beauty products including cosmetics, wigs and hair pieces, Manic Panic is world famous for it’s off-the-chart hair dyes. Over the last three decades Manic Panic hair colour has been worn by the likes of Cindy Lauper, Annie Lenox, Rhianna, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.

Basic info on AnonaMiss Beauty Emporium:

  • Founded in 2010, ABE is the South African Distributor for the Manic Panic brand, as well as our own range of false eyelashes and a stockist of Violent Lips.
  • Run by two make-up artists our aim is to add a splash of colour to your life, daring you to be different!
  • Based as a home-run business in Cape Town, products can be collected from Northern Suburbs or Big Bay, as well as a selection of products can be purchased from our stockist Masque FX Warehouse in the CBD, or Needle Damage Tattoo Studio in Wynberg.
  • We post products countrywide (and sometimes even across our borders) at very reasonable rates.
  • Website currently being reconstructed, so please visit us at or email to request a product catalogue.

Pinky’s wedding hair vote – have your say!

Come vote! Join in the fun and decide the fate of Pinky’s hair
I promised yesterday that I would give you all the vote as to what Pinky’s wedding hair will be. I have collected ideas and pictures and will share them here with you and then add the poll on the bottom in which you can all vote.

There are quite a few people that have said I should go my natural colour, to be honest this is the option that scares me the most. I used to have gorgeous strawberry blonde hair like Rachel, with natural blonde, copper, brown and red highlights it was a colour that people pay a lot for at the hairdresser, and yet highlights can never look as good as natural ones. But sadly red is a colour that fades very quickly as you grow older. Soon I was left with mousey brown hair and started adding blonde hairdresser highlights when I was about 19. My hair has not been 100% natural since then and I am not sure I really like that colour anyway. Many ladies have highlights and colour at their wedding, it does not make them any less of who they are.

A few comments made me wonder if people misunderstand my pink hair. I don’t have pink hair to hide behind and I am no less Sally-Jane for having pink hair in fact I think I am more me. Yes pink hair is a bit outrageous, but I makes me smile when I look in the mirror. It reminds me to be true to myself and follow my dreams and my heart. I was very sad, for a very long time, when I was married before. I think I lost such a big part of the fun, loving person that I am. I am now happier and more relaxed in the person I am than I ever was before. So why does natural scare me, well maybe it feels like I will fade and loose my true identity again. I will add the natural option because people have asked but please don’t vote for it only because you think it make me more myself, if anything I think it makes me less me.

Another quick word, My hair is bright pink at the moment and has been for 3 years, I can not get the pink out without damaging my hair. The options are: I can grow it out or dye colours over that will blend or make different shades. My hair grows fast but not that fast. I am not sure that some of these might not be possible purely due to the time frame.

Option 1: Pink and blonde
I love this one. I think it would be soft and beautiful for the wedding and still enough pink to be Pinky. I just worry about having enough time to grow it out.

Option 2: Light pink
I could probably get my hair to this length by the wedding – maybe and then it could all be light pink

Option 3: Light Pink with colour streaks

Option 4: Shades of Pink
The other light pink option is to go from light pink on top and fade down the the darker pink, then my hair could be longer as I would not have to cut out the darker section that is dyed now. So this picture but in reverse

I love this one too but the tones and shades of pink might depend how much and how long it has grown out

Option 5: Shades of pink down to purple/blue
I want to keep some pink but the idea of a few other colours is cool too. I like this picture but imagine the top starting in light pink and then down to my pink at the moment and then purple and then blue

Option 6: Rainbow
Pink, light pink and purple on top and yellow, green, red, blue, orange and green underneath

Option 7: Pinky as she is now

Option 8: My natural colour with blonde highlights, I refuse to be mousy brown


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Pink Hair Journey

I realized that this month I will have had pink hair for 3 years. Time really has flown by. I thought I would do a quick picture walk through the pink hair journey to date. Life with pink hair is certainly less than ordinary, I once watched a lady walk into a pillar because she was staring at me so much, but it also quickly becomes ‘normal’ when you have had it for so long, I don’t even notice people looking at me any more.

It all started with some pink streaks

This was not enough so next it was blond highlights in my normal hair and pink streaks. My pink day shows all the photos

I loved it like this but it was both expensive and time consuming to do as all the foil highlights had to be done twice, once for the blonde and then again for the pink.

Next came just bleaching all the hair and going totally pink all over but still going to the hairdresser for her to do it for me. I blogged about Becoming Pink I used to love going to the hairdresser and having my pink done for me. It was a great break and some real me time.

Now I just do my it myself and by that I mean with a little help. No, I did not SAY that The Geek helps me, but we all know it is a little hard to dye the back and top of your own head. Here is my DIY hair dye Tutorial

I did have a short affair with purple when I was first pregnant and did not want to bleach my hair but it did not last so long on unbleached hair and I actually like the pink. Pink Hair dilemma solved

Recently I thought I might like to have rainbow hair for the wedding and started to grow the pink out but I am not so sure.

Tomorrow I am going to put some pictures up of the hair colours I thought of and I am going to bravely open a vote and let my readers decide the fate of my hair for the wedding. Be sure to come cast your vote tomorrow and leave any ideas in the comments today of colours and styles you would like to see. I am thinking of lighter pink, or 2 tone or maybe even the rainbow still. Let me know your ideas. Bear in mind that the wedding dress is an old gold sort of colour
What do you think I should do with my hair for the wedding?

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rainbow hair

Rainbow Hair Phase 1

Ever since I saw this picture on Pinterest I have coveted rainbow hair

rainbow hair

The problem is that it will be hard to get these bright colours over pink. I decided that I would do this for my wedding hair (not that The Geek has asked yet, but all in good time). Seems like a good idea to plan it for a big event, as it would be impossible to maintain for long. Afterwards I would go back to pink and dye over the colours until they grew out, they would be muted shades of pink and purple. Like this except more pink and purple as the blue and green I guess would go purplish under with pink over

Rainbow hair

But to do rainbow, I need hair that has not had pink on it before. To get the pink out would be hard as it is 2 years worth of dying and pink is notoriously hard to remove. The options seemed to be growing it out and looking like I had forgotten to go to the hairdresser or shaving it off and growing non pink hair until I wanted to do the rainbow, neither of these appealed to me at all.

I was chatting to @stylinggenius on twitter. She confirmed that growing out or shaving would be best. Then I googled this picture

rainbow hair

So the solution is to only carry on bleaching and pinking the top so it looks okay and only the bottom grows out. It will look a bit odd, but it is not like I am not used to looking odd 😉 and this way I stay pink. Even when I do the rainbow it is under the pink so Pink Hair Girl is still mainly pink

rainbow hair phase 1

It is hard to take photos of your own head!
but here is the top only bleached the bottom ponytail part will grow out. I think I will cut it shorter for this growing out stage.

And it tied in with my gift of today. While I am not saying The Geek does help me dye my hair, but if he did, then just doing the top would mean I can do it myself and he does not have to help. He would be most willing to help if he ever did, and again not saying he does, but not having to do it would make him happy.

So phase 1 will take about a year I guess. Time enough for The Geek to ask me, yes i know i am a bit hasty in my planning, but i know he will ask when he is ready and i know this takes ages so best be prepared.