Catching up

Sorry I have been slack, but seem like the end of pregancy is a bit like the beginning leaves you feeling very tired, but no moaning here. I did enough of that over on Pinky and the Geek

But to catch up a little I will do a short run down of our lives at the moment

-35 weeks can you believe it? Nearly time for #Koos to make his arrival, I am sort of ready. Even washed some baby clothes today. As I was folding little clothes today I was actually excited thinking about the little baby that we will put in them and wondered what we should put out as his birth outfit. I struggle with the newborn stage so it is a big thing for me to not just want to not be pregnant and so want the baby out but rather actually look forward to his arrival. Poor sausage
– we had an awesome baby celebration party on Saturday – still to blog it on Pinky and the Geek
– Yme’s sister is not well in hospital, it is a bit of a roller coaster for us all
– We had some friends I knew from our home school group in England stay with us a few weeks ago. It was so lovely to see Lucy, Bodo and the kids. Rachel and Caleb loved having friends around all day and it was so nice to watch them all play ( will post a few pics I have on the kids blog)
– Lucy reminded me that in the moving chaos and the 30 Days blog meme that I did not actually ever show pictures of the new house or talk much about it. I keep thinking as soon as it is tidy I will take photos and of course that is not happening LOL
– There are all sorts of stresses, you know the way life always is, but there is no place I would rather be that here in our huisie by the sea with Yme
– In business news Barbara has left Earth Babies which is really sad but some restructuring and changing is happening so I can manage with new baby and business. I miss her heaps
– The knitting project – oh I wish there were a few more hours in the day. I have so many ideas. The site is actually done i just need to populate the shop

All in all I would say we are good

Moving, many hands make lighter work

moving house
When I was growing up I only moved once when I was 5, the rest of my life we spent in one house and it was very stable. I went to one primary school and one high school. The first time I moved after that was when I went to university in Jhb. Since then I have moved a ridiculous number of times. Now when we move at the end of the month it will have been the 17th move in 16 years, not very stable at all. At least 4 of those moves were overseas so not just a small trip around the corner.

The kids have each moved quite a few times in their lives. I am really looking forward to making the house my own and putting down roots. I am delighted that after years of renting I can finally paint Rachel’s room for her. She has wanted her own space for such a long time now. I am not sure how Caleb will take being on his own but it will be nice to make transport bedroom for him with tractors and all

Moving really has to be one of the most stressful things ever. This will be the 3rd time I have moved pregnant! But this time I am promised that all the hard work will be done for me. The best part will be having space for stuff so we don’t have to fall over each other and stuff like we d at the moment. We don’t have fancy furniture, or stuff, but we will have a place that we can start making our own and buying stuff for. Now I just want the time until end of October to fly.

I found this link to 11 ways to survive the stress of moving.

Did you move a lot?