Our weekend away

Part of my birthday present from Yme was a weekend away at a wine farm in Franschoek. It was called Chestnut Cottage

I have been meaning to post these for ages. We took Titus with us but left the older 2 with Annatjie. Shame poor Caleb it was the first time that we have left the kids overnight since Natasha died and the difference was noticable. Before we often did not get as much as a backward glance or a quick hug before they run off to play. This time he was very tearful and worried that I would not return. Fortunately Annatjie, Jacques and Wouter are good at taking his mind off things and he actually managed fine without us.

We arrived after dark on Friday night. Smallest Pinklet kindly went to sleep like Lord Muck and Yme and I were able to have a meal and a glass on wine together uninterrupted

Quick snack before we went into town the next morning

The river running behind the cottage

Front of the cottage

View out the front – wine farm and mountains

Titus chatting to mommy while she knits

Oh I fell in love with the fireplace – I want a fire place

Can I share a little fantasy?

Minds out the gut please it is nothing kinky. I am sure The Geek and his mom are rather glad I am not divulging kinky sex fantasies, hmm although…. no, removes own mind from the gutter and back to what I am fantasizing about.

But first due to my small obsession with words I need to explain why I chose the word fantasy and not dream or even wish.

According to the dictionary, fantasy is in the realm of the impossible. I know this is never going to happen.

Noun:The faculty or activity of imagining things that are impossible or improbable.

As some of you know I love knitting. I love creating new things. I am working on my new website, it is just slow as I have limited time between kids, baby, life and doing the actual knitting.

My fantasy is a week away in a lovely quiet place. As winter is approaching I imagine log fire cabin, big claw baths, beautiful scenery. Very few people around, all meals provided. Lots of chocolate, cheese and other decadent snacks and a big armchair where I can knit uninterrupted all week.

I have orders to finish as well as ideas spilling over I am dying to actually create. What I lack is uninterrupted time. But I guess that is the curse of most mothers.

What would you do with a week off?


On Tuesday I drove to the Mountain Sanctuary Park in the Magaliesbug to spend time with my good friends Ghilraen her kids and Anna and her kids. It was such a nice overnight get away. Here are some pics. I have spent ages trying to find a few non naked pics out of the 200+ i took. Most of the kids were naked ALL the time, it was so relaxed and wonderful, just what a childhood should be. But because this is a sick sick world we live in I can’t share them with you. I am wondering if I should do a password blog for some of the very cute naked ones and share them only with people I know – what do you think? ( Ghilraen and Anna I will make a disk for you guys with all the pics)

view from the house
view from house

the house

Meelah and Caleb playing cars
oh look a nice track for my car

rope swing
Rachel on rope swing

Titus on rope swing

Rachel on rope swing

river fun
kids in the river

zoe slidding on rocks




Callie and Meelah

story time

Mama Love
mama love

mama love

Ghilraen and Meelah

around the house

Titus and Aehdyn beading

David and Caleb


kids helping with breakfast

zoe making eggs

Zoe and Mika

Caleb in the bath with 3 girls – could you get a naughtier face?
caleb and the girls

The thing about holidays

We spend ages looking forward to holidays we build up an expectation of how great they are going to be and the fantastic stuff we are going to do. We have plans to come back refreshed and ready to face the world again.

The thing is that real life does not stop because you go on holiday, it is not like you get to leave yourself behind and just stop thinking or worrying about the stuff that raced around in your brain before you left. Actually remove the normal everyday chaos and some of those thoughts just seem to get a megaphone and crank up the volume.

See I am wise to this sneaky holiday trick so I went prepared and it was nothing like I expected, my thoughts were loud and at times very intrusive but I let them run their course. Eventually they get hoarse and or you just get used to the idea that you might as well embrace the noise and stop fighting against it. I thought too much, rested too little, had loads of fun, laughed more than I have in ages, cried lots of tears, filled my soul with quite moments spent looking at some of the most breath taking places on earth.

But because I am me and what makes me tick is people, it was the people in the end of the day who made my trip to CT the rollercoaster of awesomeness that it was. Time alone was great but I can only do it in small doses. People and their stories and laughter and madness – that is what fills my soul and makes me ready to face my life again.

To all the people I met in CT – thank you. I’ll be back…

pink hair girl, cape point, holiday

P.S To Barbara: more than business partner, more than just a friend, my gratitude has no words big enough. You rock hard!

Cape Town

If I say that I am an excited as a kid in a candy score about going to Cape Town it does not actually begin to descibe how I feel. I have not been away from my kids for a proper holiday ever! I have had the odd night here and there when they have slept over but a whole week of not needing to be a mom has not happened since Rachel was born more than 5 years ago. I am tired, I work mostly at night when the kids are asleep so the hours tend to be really long with not enough sleep. Being a single mom and learning to juggle everything has been hard. Suddenly going from a Stay at Home Mom to needing to make my own living has been challenging – okay that is it for the serious bit of this over I promise, this trip and everything about is is just for fun.

I have wanted to go to Cape Town for ages now, my Gran turned 90 last month so it will be lovely to see her and spend time with her without kids interrupting. My Gran leads a very quiet life and is not around kids often and it means that she gets easily overwhelmed by them as they are little and very exuberant. So my first 2 nights are going to be in Somerset West and spending time with my Gran.

For the rest I am seeing friends, having a photo or 2 taken by André and relaxing. Bring on Tuesday!