Cape Town: The good the bad and the winter

So we have been here 3 weeks today and here is my low down:

raindrop bullet The first week and a bit the weather was wonderful which I think was good, it gave me a chance to settle in a bit, it also meant that it was dry when our stuff from Pretoria arrived.
raindrop bullet The rain has started, I am used to rain, I survived 4 years collectively in the UK. The difference here is that I can’t get the washing dry. In the UK it was cold enough to use the radiator to dry the clothes, here it just does not dry. So not sure what to do about it, my greener sensibilities make me hesitant to get a tumble dryer. Someone suggested a clothes horse and a fan, it does not have to heat the air so uses less electricity but is a bit slower – I wonder if it would work? Would certainly be kinder on the pocket.
raindrop bullet I can not actually fit all our stuff in, and am now tired of falling over stuff. So decided that the kids toys are going to be on rotation, they have way way way too many toys. They might actually play with some and have a better appreciation for them if they have fewer to focus on at a time. I am relying on the kindness of a friend with a spare room that can store a box or 2.
raindrop bullet Not having a garage is a challenge.
raindrop bullet All the Earth Babies stock is about to move in too ( for those who don’t know, I run an on line natural baby company and both Barbara and I moved from Pretoria where EB was always based. She has been sending stock from Port Shepstone but post is very slow from there and most of our suppliers are in Cape Town so it makes more sense for me to have the stock here.
raindrop bullet I think I need an IKEA booklet, yes I know I can’t get the stuff here but they always had good ideas about how to use space really well.
raindrop bullet All that said I love our little house, it is ours and it is happy. With a more manageable number of toys and a good shelving system we will be all set. Not to say that we were not drooling over the property magazine, despite the fact that unless one or both of us sells a kidney we are not moving anytime soon, it is nice to dream.
raindrop bullet Yme’s family is lovely and have gone out of their way to make us feel welcome. I am a very family person and it has been hard to leave my parents in Pretoria, so having another family the kids and I feel so comfortable around is a huge help. We even left the kids with his mom and brothers for most of the day on Saturday when we went shopping for a stove and the kids loved it there. Both of them like his mom and I suppose the fact that she has had 4 kids and is very relaxed with them helps.
raindrop bullet We have a stove and oven, Yay!! It came yesterday and Yme installed it last night,so we baked celebratory cup cake today.
raindrop bullet I hate housework
raindrop bullet I have an awesome vacuum cleaner that is like a transformer, it folds up all really small and then click, click, click it all folds out and looks cool – well as cool as a vacuum cleaner can possibly look, and it make the task ‘almost’ pleasant.
raindrop bullet my sister is in labour and soon I should have a niece or newphew, can’t wait to find out. When I asked Caleb on the weekend if it was a boy or girl he said it was a birl. Typical boy hedging his bets.
raindrop bullet Did I mention the fact that it rained a bit here, and I have been told that these are just the autumn showers and mid-winter it gets even more wet. The prospect is a little grim. So far I have tried to hang washing out a couple of times when the sun was shining only to have it get wetter than before it was hung up.
raindrop bullet I was a sulky bitch today when my favourite picture that I was taking to get re-glassed (the glass broke when it was moved back from the UK and I had not gotten around to fixing it which was a good thing as it would probably just have broken again now in the move down here) got wet and blistered in the rain, it was not raining when I left the house and on the short walk down the drive to the car the heavens opened. I then could not fit the picture in the boot so it had to go in the back and the kids moaned that they had nowhere to put their legs, well to be fair they didn’t really. The sulky bitch part – I phone Yme and told him I was not in love with Cape Town today. Shame he let me moan all about his beloved city. And no I am not telling anyone how much the glass and new mounting is costing. I am just hoping that Matisse’s naked ladies did not come to too much harm
raindrop bullet We were driving along on Saturday with Table Mountain in front of us and I just could help smiling and thinking “I live here” I know plenty of people who have always lived here take it for granted but I hope I am always awed by it and never get to the point of taking it or granted.
raindrop bullet I want a womery, it is killing me to throw all our compostable stuff away. I know we can’t really have a garden but I can feed the pot plants that I am planning to have soon and give the rest to our friendly neighbour who has a nice garden. On that note, what herbs grow here in the Cape winter?
raindrop bullet We need a couch, we saw one on the gumtree we might get. I think it will help me think of it more like a home when people have somewhere to sit.
raindrop bullet My gran lives in Somerset West and Rachel and I got to see her for Mother’s Day. I am glad that I am closer to her and can see her more often. I must phone her tomorrow and check if she needs shopping.

So I found this little precipitation graph to cheer myself up – the worst is yet to come. But no matter how much I moan and even if I never ever get used to cold winter rain, I love Yme and our home and our life and would not trade it for all the sunshine in Gauteng.
cape town rainfall graph
Graph found on El Dorado Weather