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Add Hope

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Red Cross Children’s Hospital Burns Unit Charity Drive

Last year Rachel cut off all her hair to donate for a cancer wig, we blogged about it here she raised R4693 too for the cost of the wig making – look how cute she looks here in our thank you blog post

She won a Lead SA May youth hero award for this, and this year she is at it again.

Rachel as part of her ambassadors course with the Chaeli Champaign needs to get involved and help a charity or cause. We decided to contact the Red Cross Children’s Hospital Burns Unit and see what we could do.

I visited them on 4 February 2015, (Rachel could not go with me this time as no under 16 are allowed in the acute burns unit,) to find out what they need. I met with Chantel from the Hospital Trust who was very helpful in arranging the meeting and showing me around the hospital. We then went to see the doctor on the burns unit to find out exactly what they need.

In the ward they need:
Toiletries packs for the moms and kids. Most of the burn victims come from rural areas with nothing and hygiene is vital in a burns until to prevent infection. Each mom gets a pack of toiletries for her and her child. The moms do a lot of the help with care.

The pack has soap, washcloth, toothbrush, vaseline, body cream, toothpaste etc in it.


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Christmas Party


The amazing Laura is organizing this please help if you can I know there are a few more kids who need presents.

As you all know Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat and all that.
Most of us will be spending the festive season with our family and friends. We will eat till we cant stand and give gifts and receive gifts. It will be, for us, a happy time.
As you all also know it isn’t a time of over indulgence for everyone. Some will not open gifts, or eat turkey and spend time laughing with family. It is unfortunately the dark side of life.
BUT we can change that for 60 children of the Othandweni Home by organising a Christmas Party for them!!!
All we need to do is buy each child a gift and organise a little party for them. It is THAT SIMPLE!!!!

Those of us with children know how infectious the excitement of Christmas is aswell as the look on a childs face when opening a gift is priceless. So PLEASE join me and get involved in this – its R100 and a packet of chips or sweets!
You can mail me if you want to be part of this or leave a comment and I will mail you with updates.
The date is now officially the 12 December