Goodies with Goodness

After the amazing gluten free cake and Madelines for Rachel’s party from Goodies with Goodness I decided to find out a bit more about the lady behind the great taste.

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SJ: Hi Melissa

Welcome to the Pink Hair Girl blog, I am really pleased to be interviewing you for the readers today. I was so impressed with the quality, taste and friendliness of your service when we had Rachel birthday party.
Hi Sally-Jane. It was such a pleasure to bake for Rachel’s birthday – I am so pleased you all enjoyed it! Thank you for inviting me to be interviewed.

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We were in Pretoria for Christmas with my parents. I lived in that house with them when I returned to South Africa and it is a place the kids and I feel very comfortable. I grew up in Pretoria and spent most of my life there, it still to a certain extent feels like home. Christmas with my parents was very familiar and full of our family traditions. I even got to see my sister briefly. Friends and kids visited and played in the garden and pool just like we did before. It was very relaxing

Landing back in Cape Town on old years eve was actually quite strange, as much as I love Cape Town and our house and the life we have here, I am still most familiar with Pretoria. It has taken a while to settle back in and I think the kids have felt this too. But going to the beach today to walk the dog and play was lovely. I really really love where we live and have so many plans for our house.

I am sure in time Cape Town will feel more and more like home. but Pretoria always has a special place in my heart.

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Painted Alphabet stone

Alphabet Stones

Painted Alphabet stone

I got the idea from Pinterest and decided to make our own. We live at the beach after all. I don’t need too much persuading to go to the beach, it really does good things to my soul. Sand under your feet. Kids running free and the sounds and smells just press all the release and relax buttons in my brain. I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. I am grateful.

But back to alphabet stones.  So I lovingly collected enough flat ones of the right size and then set about painting them. A spray of varnish afterwards and I think they came out quite well.

Excuse me… your green is the wrong way around

When I was growing up there was a friend of mine from Cape Town who’s parents moved to Pretoria. Suddenly this blonde surfer boy found himself with no sea and a whole new life. He used to talk about Cape Town all the time and how great it was and how much he missed it. Nothing in Pretoria was good enough. Look I know that after living in Cape Town, Pretoria must seem like it has nothing to offer, but it was my home. I have a genuine soft spot for that city. It is quieter than Jhb, it is prettier and friendlier. The pace is not as hectic, but besides all that it holds all my childhood memories and so that makes it special to me. I used to feel quite angry with my friend for dissing Pretoria and moaning all the time about how much better Cape Town was. I thought it was insensitive to keep on and on about it to the people for whom this town was home. Made you feel second rate some how.

I hope in this post I do not do that same thing, I love Cape Town. I love our Huise by die See. I love that there is so much beauty all around me. If I leave our house and head to town then we see the mountain. If we go to Durbanville to go through the winelands, if we go to Melkbos we have the beach. All around us is beautiful, but ( there is always a pesky but) they have their green the wrong way around.

Summer in Pta is the rainy season, we have awesome afternoon thundershowers which cool the hot day down and make everything green and beautiful. Summers out in the garden are lush and green and it is beautiful to sit outside. Flowers bloom and grass grows and it is gorgeous. Winter is dry, but we are all in doors. We don’t mind if it is a bit brown, there are cold days with clear skies. The garden is less green and things rest during winter. Sometimes the grass goes brown and dry but when you are not spending as much time outside this is okay.

Cape Town I am afraid has this all backwards, no one needs a green winter! It is wasted as we are all hiding inside from the rain. Summer is dry and the garden, unless you have a borehole is brownish, the grass is hard and brittle and hurts the feet. I really love this place but you got the green all wrong. Summer should be the growing time with the rain to make plants and stuff grow, after all the plants rest in winter. Gardening here is a nightmare.

1 year

So it has been a year since I moved to Cape Town and Yme started our lives together. What a year it has been. Here is the run down

  • The kids and I moved to Durbanville and Yme was thrown into the deep end with 2 kids. I think the kids and Yme have adapted very well.
  • Had to put our ART dreams on hold for finacial reasons, it is still unfinished and I will update it this week
  • My nephew was born in London, it sucks that they were so far away and I could not help my sister more.
  • The kids and I flew up to Pta for the world cup and to see my younger sister who was visiting from UK. It was lovely to see her
  • My dad was in a big car accident when we were in Pta, he drove an old Toyota Camry and I am sure it is this tank of a car that saved him
  • We found out that we were rather unexpectantly pregnant.
  • My divorce finally went through after almost a year and a half of fighting.
  • We started house hunting and found our huisie by die see
  • Moved to Melkbosstrand – I hate moving and hope this is the last time for a long long time
  • Natasha got sick and went to hospital for the first time
  • My sister and little nephew came to visit, it was lovely to meet him
  • My kids went to Pta with my mom and sister for a visit and I got 10 days off, it was wonderful
  • Flew to fetch the kids just before Christmas
  • Had a wonderful Christmas at home, Natasha came out just before and it was so special that she was with us here. Cherished memories.
  • Natasha got sick again and was admitted into hospital
  • My friends Lucy and Bodo came to visit and stay with us from England
  • Titus was born at home into his Daddy’s hands. One of the most amazing memories of my whole life. It might not have seemed like the best timing when we found out, but this little boy has come at just the right time. He joins us and provides joy in a sad time. He is like the cherry on top of our little family
  • We had to stand up to a Dr that said our baby was going to die when it was just a skin infection
  • Natasha died, I still can not believe it. I miss her. My sisters are all overseas. I was so happy to have a ‘sister’ in Cape Town. At the moment I am cross, I guess the stages of grief, but I am mad that all the things that she would have loved to do with us are now poorer for her not being here. Seeing Titus grow, kids birthdays, shopping, planning weddings, Easter etc etc. And when I get sad I feel so bad and what I feel must be a tiny fraction of what Yme and his family are going through)

So that in a nutshell is our year. On the stress scale I think we tick almost all of the boxes

But you know I through all this Yme and I are more in love than ever. I think if we can weather this last year we can face anything together. He bought be a Lindt bunny yesterday and a Anniversary card. I am not used to someone saying they love me let alone buying me things and writing lovely words expressing it. I love this man very very much.

How was your year?

Day 27 → What’s the best thing going for you right now?

It almost feels like I can just leave it there at that full stop. But really to have someone so supportive and keen to build a life together is wonderful. We have a lovely new house and as soon as this 30 days things is over I will show you all the pics and tell you more about our house. ( To be honest i am a little over this meme now, I agree with Angel some of the questions make one think it was directed at teen age girls)
But really moving to CT and start this new life with him has been wonderful, very hard and challenging at times and things have not always gone to plan but it has been so good.

Day 23 → Something you wish you had done in your life.

Well this makes it sound like my life is over and I have missed some great chance to do something wonderful. I hope I still have time to do all the things I want to. Actually like the 101 things list which was fun to do I was actually thinking of doing a sort of a bucket list.

There are no big things that I feel by 33 I should have done and look back with regret at time wasted. I have traveled quite a bit but would love to do more, I have lived in different countries, I have been blessed with beautiful children and now and wonderful wonderful man.

I wish more for attitude than action, moan less, enjoy more, love more, laugh more and all those good things because it is all too short not to.

And on that note we went on a totally spontaneous road trip today. Yme had to go to Swellendam for work and asked if we wanted to tag along in the car, we could drop him off mooch around and then come and fetch him afterwards. As we were driving I just commented how lucky we are, any direction we head from our house is beautiful, we have the drive into CT with such a gorgeous view of Table Mountain, we have winelands the one way, the beauty of the westcoast the other way and of course the lovely beach just down the road. I loved driving today and just look at how pretty the winelands and fruit growing country is in the Western Cape.

What I wish for my life is more of today.

Looking back

I was blog jumping tonight, reading the blogs of new commenter’s and following links to other blogs. It is actually quite cool to read some new stuff. I so wish someone would pay me to blog and read blogs all day,  as there are so many  I wish I could keep up with. I am failing hopelessly at even the few I try read regularly.

But I digress. I was reading a post on Doodles of a journo about the unexpected benefits of blogging and how it is a great way to keep track of past events and that you can use it as a reference to check dates and keep memories of holidays and stuff. It is also a way to look back at changes in your life. The post was made on 30 Septemeber and in the comments people looked back at their own blogs to see what they were doing and how life had changed. I looked back at 30 Septemeber 2009, my blog was only 3 months old and it was not a good time in my life. The post that day was ‘ I don’t want to’ – very bleak.

Wow, could the change in one year be so big? I really needed that perspective and look back. I now have the most amazing man in my life, we live in Cape Town and got to spend the whole day at Cape Point today. I have amazing friends in my life. We are moving to our house-by-the-sea this month. There is a new baby on the way – a little unexpected, but all part of the journey. I have grown so much, if only I could have hugged my very hurting self then and said it was all going to be more than okay. But I guess it is the heart ache and real lows that make us grateful for the love and the real highs on the other side.

What were you doing a year ago?


Now that is not a word that I thought I would be saying once I was in a relationship and happy, but there it is. I am really lonely. In a very different way than before, I am not alone in a relationship sense. I have Yme and we talk and we do stuff and it is good, that part of me that wanted to sharing something with someone is fulfilled but I left a lot of other support behind.

This is going to sound like such a moaning feeling sorry for myself post and it is not intended as such, it is just feelings that I have inside and for me the best thing to do with my feelings is to write them down. I hope by getting them out I will feel a little less like I am going to burst into tears. Yes I know most of it can just be take with a pinch of pregnant hormone salt, but it does not make it feel any less acute.

I am a social person. I do not need large groups or to be the center of a crowd, in fact I can be quite shy until I know people better, but what I do need is a group of close friends around me who I see quite often and develop a close bond with. I like the village idea of raising kids, I think having people come and go regularly in a child’s life is good,

In Pretoria we stayed in a house next door to my parents we saw them everyday, when my mom was not working away from home she would take the kids for a few hours to play with them, read to them and just generally be a cool granny. My dad would help bath them in the evenings and read to them and cuddle them. My domestic was there 3 times a week, giving me chance to get my hair done or go to the post office without the kids in tow all the time, and most importantly a chance to get some work done. I could afford her because my parents did not charge me rent ( yes I was very very luck I know, I would never have made that year without my parents unwaivering support)

Then my awesome friend and business partner Barbara and I saw each other at least twice a week where we would discuss business, life, relationships, kids and just general girl gossip. We are very different but it is sometime really nice to get a different point of view and out kids have been friends since birth. They play so well together they disappear off 2 by 2 the big ones together and the younger ones together and they play so nicely. We used to swap kids a couple of times a week so we each got a chance to get stuff done. We watched chick flicks together, like Sunshine Cleaners and Twighlight that no one else would want to watch. Our kids slept over at each other often and were very comfortable being at each others houses.

Laura would pop in a couple of times a week after work, we did things together on the weekend, even if it was just a picnic in the park so the kids could play and we could get out a bit. Wine afternoons and braai’s in Ansie’s garden with her boys was always fun. Barbara and Laura and their gangs would also be there.

Sharon and her son would drop in and even after they moved to Badplaas we still saw them at least once a month. Coffee and chat with Sharon and catching up on all the comings and goings in peoples lives was fun. It is these sort of social interactions that feed my soul. I love seeing my friends and relaxing and chatting and being there. These woman were there for me through some incredibly tough times and I miss them.

I know it would not be the same if we were there. Yes my family and their support would still be there, but Barbara has moved and Sharon has moved but boy I miss these people.

People have been very kind in CT but the same kind of close support and seeing each other all the time is not here in Cape Town for us yet. I know it will take time for us to meet people and to find friends that we can see often. I guess having my good friend Ghilraen here this week has reminded me how lonely my weeks usually are. It is just me and the kids most days. Ghilraen is in PE but was my sanity in the UK we lived close by and saw each other most days, we also stood with each other through some tough times together. I have cried, laughed, smiled, been heart broken, been happy and seen life and death with these women and I miss them.

I hope in time we find such people here in CT because I don’t do well alone. I am a talker I need to talk and moan and laugh and share, always make the burden of being a parent easier. Being alone all day with 2 small people all day and one beings to loose perspective a bit.

Moan over, shopping to do…

Dear Blog please forgive me

My poor neglected blog, I have missed you so much, the number of posts I have written in my head and then not managed to get out has been eating me from the inside. Writing keeps me sane, Yme I promise to try write more and put the crazy woman away again LOL.

Oh my word what did we do before the internet? I am an extrovert, not in the sense that I need big crowds or that I need to be the center of a huge party but in the way that I draw my energy from people. I like to be around people and talking and feeding off them as my one friend put it. So for me to have moved and have no internet is like torture. I love my kids endlessly but they can be a real drain on my energy when I have little other interaction during the day. So the move to Cape Town has meant not only less of my friends around but also no internet has cut me off from my on line support. I am not sure I realized quite how much I needed the people I chatted to on twitter and those who’s blogs I read and using my own blog to chat to others and get my thoughts out.

A few little hiccups have meant that we have been rather challenged in the getting internet.
– Helkom who said we could have a ADSL line no problem when we got the phone line now suddenly have no ports and will not be putting any more infrastructure in place before next year! If you ask me they have so over stretched themselves with the World Cup that they have no more money for the basic stuff. Having no internet and an on line business is not very helpful
– so the next obvious choice is Wireless, we called a few places for a site survey and guess what, luck would have it was have 2 big ass trees in that directly block the 2 hills that the antenna are on that transmit the signal, so that is not an option.
– 3G it is then for now, but we are both MTN and this is a crap signalk area for MTN so we have to get a vodacom card Ricca it and try use it that way, easy? No not quite, have you ever tried to change yiour address before one of the suckers will give you an address change, no i can prove my address with a bill before on of you will give me a bill with my address!!!
– On top of that my cell phone that I could tweet with got stolen, it was one of the worst things, it was given to me as a gift by an amazing person that I am not allowed to name and it is so much worse when a gift gets stolen than something you bought yourself, I was gutted.
– Then my lap top broke
– The home phone broke

It was basically just an all round communication technology fail. I now have a new pink laptop, a new HTC Desire phone, we have a new home phone and have resigned ourselves to 3G, although the fight with the parasite, I mean para-statal Telkom. continues!

The communication front has not been great, and the move has been a big adjustment for the kids however I know it sounds corny but I am loved.
I throw wobbly and I am loved,
I have PMS and terrible cramps that double me over and I am loved and looked after,
I go to a parenting forum get together and Yme comes with me.
I am getting used to the fact that he wants to do stuff with me and that he is not going to shout at me and that he actually likes to help organise stuff and shop for the house.
He likes having people over. He might not be an extrovert like me and he needs space alone but he knows my need for people and he accommodates that. He never makes me feel guilty for wanting or needing people.
He tells me he loves me, he even whispers it to me when he thinks I am asleep and can’t hear.
He loves me just the way I am.

I have missed you all, what has everyone been up to? I hope to be here more from now on. I have also started a blog for the kids for their news and home school stuff. which I hope to be able to update a bit more now that we have some internet albeit not the best fastest or cheapest.