Bra shopping – what is your story?

I dread going bra shopping. I think part of the problem for me, is all the years before my boob op, when bra shopping was so humiliating and soul destroying. I can remember sitting in a changing room cubicle, silently sobbing with tears streaming down my face, feeling like a freak. Nothing fitted, I did not for all intense and purposes have any boobs, but being bra-less was also not an option. Comments like “smuggling smarties” or just wanting to wear a white top meant I had to wear something. I usually settled for wearing strappy tops underneath my clothes and gave up on bras, but I felt like less of a woman, like I did not quite make the grade. I have dealt with a lot of these emotions and was blessed to be loved for who I am and learnt that my attractiveness is not proportional to my cup size.

Now with boobs, bra shopping should be easier, but still I dread it. Finding the right size seems like guess work and after being measured at 2 different shops after the new boobs, and getting size differences from 32A to 36C. I mean really, I did not spend a LOT of money still to be an A! And depending on the make and style sometimes the 36C fits and sometimes not.

Now of course my world is dominated by feeding bras, which are truly the sexiest things ever. But Titus is almost weaned and I know I need to go face those cubicles and rows of innocent looking bras on plastic hangers. But behind the facade of a fabric item of clothing, this little garment can make or break a woman’s fragile body image and self esteem. Standing in a cubicle with full body mirrors all around you and needing to be next to naked just to try the bras on, can be difficult for women who have body image issues. Add to this struggling to find a bra that fits and the whole experience is awful.

Apparently 99.973% of us wear the wrong bra size. Okay I made those statistics up, you never guessed hey 😉 I am sure I could Google the exact statistics, but most of it is made up or depends on the sample group. But it is usually 60 to 70% that is quoted. That is a lot of woman in the wrong bra. There are enough woman that look like their boobs are being dissected into 4, shoulders have painful marks where their bra straps cut in, bras that ride up at the back or boobs that fall out at the side to know woman are getting it wrong. These examples of ill fitting bras we have all seen and perhaps experienced.

The other end of the spectum to me and my small boobs is anyone who dares to have bigger than DD. Trying find bras for larger boobs can be just as traumatic. My younger sister, please note when you have boob issues and your sister younger than you by 5 years starts buy bras bigger than you, it is another time you feel betrayed by your body. My sister got my share and her share and I know while I spend years being green with envy she struggles to find bras that fit comfortably as a woman with more than the shop deems average.

This has motivated her to see if she can make a difference and what cab be done about the horror of bra shopping. She has a short 10 question questionnaire if the ladies would be so kind as to fill it in for her. (here is the link to copy and paste if that one does not work you can also email Sarah any comments and experiences that you might not want to share in the comments below

If you feel comfortable sharing about your bra shopping experience please comment below about your usual experience good or bad when bra shopping.

Thanks for your time, I hope she finds an answer to help make bra shopping easier and a more pleasant experience


Life happens when you are making other plans

* so we are pregnant, the decision has all been made and pinkgeek baby is here to stay. I am going to be keeping most of the baby stuff on the Pinky and the Geek blog so pop over there from time to time to see what we are up to as we journey from to having our baby. Hopefully I can get Geek to also blog regularly and it should be cool to see our very different points of view.
* I am really getting more settled in Cape Town and am making plans to get out more and to do stuff with the kids.
* I joined a home school group in Durbanville and am going to our first meeting this week Friday, they are also doing an Aquarium visit later this month which should be cool.
* Money, money, money there is just not quite enough to go around, was doing the budget last night and was feeling more and more despondent by the end of it – oh well, budget meal planning here we come.
* My boobs are having their one year anniversary on 6 August – can you believe it has been a year. Wow! Best thing I ever did. Love them to bits.
* I have new glasses they are, surprise, surprise – Pink with butterflies on the side
* My good friend Ghilraen and family are coming to Cape Town later this month and I am very excited
* Geek and I went on our first ever date on Friday night, all very backwards I know but it was lovely. We had dinner and then went to see Inception. Thanks to Ouma Annatjie for watching the kids for us.
* I need to phone the lawyer and see what is happening about the divorce there is some hope that this might actually work this time.
* we need to move, we just do not have enough space here for 4 of us let alone 5, but we don’t really have the money to move.
* My parents have offered to help us buy a house, we are looking at it seriously, but realize that this kind of thing with family can be tricky and again are just not sure we can pay enough towards a house. Wow property prices in CT are expensive!
* Yme passed his exams.
* I am really proud of Rachel’s reading at the moment.
* I could sleep all day – no really all day. This 1st trimester with all the sickness and tiredness is for the birds. The problem with even a small nap is that Caleb being a boy causes holy terror. The one day he emptied all the juice concentrate in Rachel’s toy kitchen, the next day he drew on the braai wall outside with a pen and while I was scrubbing it off ‘watered’ the plants with Handy Andy. etc etc so you can see why I am scared to lie down even for 5 minutes.
* Friends and family have been so lovely and so supportive, even though this is unplanned and a little soon, we have been blessed by great people in our lives.

National Cleavage Day

It is National Cleavage Day #NCD, a day to appreciate being a woman and having breasts. And while I love my breasts, as most of you know, they have had a bit of help to be what they are today.

But a day like today is not just all about the fun of boobs, for some women the thought of showing anyone their cleavage is enough to send them into a cold sweat.I know the agony on being flat chested. And yes I did say agony, while I don’t believe every woman with slighlty less adipose tissue on her chest is a misery, I have been on that side of the fence and I know that our society places such a big emphasis on breasts that it is hard to come away unscathed. Add to that someone telling you that you are inadequate and it is next to impossible to feel that you are in any way shape or form sexy or desirable.

I do believe that there are some awesome, strong, wonderful woman with small breasts who are happy in themselves and would never consider doing what I did. I salute them, their honesty and ability to look beyond our society and find true worth inside is what we should all strive for. I long for the day when we celebrate bodies in all shapes and sizes and breasts in all their big, small, droopy and perky glory.

I am happy I had mine done and often find myself looking at them admiringly or just having to touch to see that they are there and actually mine. They have done a lot for my confidence and maybe I should have been able to fight the demons on the past without help from surgery but I am not sorry I did it. What I can say is that I now know that there are plenty of good men out there to whom the size of your breasts does not matter and to them I say thank you. The gift you gave me of knowing I am desirable like I am is something I treasure.

One of the huge bonuses of small boobs is they are super orgasmically sensitive, makes fun times even more fun 😉 , I know from my own experience and from talking to guys who have seen the different ways woman react have to having their nipples touched. While I am not saying that large breasted woman do not have fun it seems the reaction is intensified with smaller boobs but not having done a proper study on this (and maybe I will leave it for one of the boys) I am willing to be corrected.

Boobs Boobs glorious boobs, I celebrate #NCD and pay tribute to all woman no matter their shape or size. I only wish that I had been confident enough to participate in something like this before I had my op.


2009 – looking back

1.What did you do in 2009 that you’d never done before?
Dyed my hair pink
Got a tattoo
Fell in love

2. Did you keep your new year’s resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
I don’t think I made any for this year and if you had told me at the beginning of the year this is where I would be I would not have believed you.
And yes I have a few i want to make for 2010

3. Did anyone close to you give birth?
Louisa had baby Nicola
feel like I am missing someone else so please let me know if I have missed a really big one?

4. Did anyone close to you die?

5. What countries did you visit?
I came home to SA and that was the best thing ever, went to UK for sisters wedding but besides that just enjoying being back home.

6. What would you like to have in 2010 that you lacked in 2009?
A divorce!
Financial independence

7. What date(s) from 2008 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
24 January – flew back to SA for a holiday
14 March – decided not to go back to the UK
28 August – a day that changed everything, things could have been very different, but I think it is better that they are not, I never again ever want to be in a situation like that again.
22 October – the offer, who would have thought it could lead to so much happy.
3 November – first time away from the kids, holiday in CT.

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
Being strong enough to leave and discovering who I am in this process.

9. What was your biggest failure?
There are things I have done which I am not proud of and people that I hurt that I wish I could undo, but from all of it we learn.

10. Did you suffer illness or injury?
Nothing serious

11. What was the best thing you bought?
I guess buying my own car was a good thing, but the best things were my boobs and tattoo.

12. Whose behaviour merited celebration?
My friends and family that supported me through this year – guardian angels
Aequitas for being so calm, dealing with my all over the place chaos and making me so happy.

13. Whose behaviour made you appalled and depressed?
I think the saying that there is nothing like a divorce for you to see who your friends are – is true.
There was one email about my blog that upset me a lot
My own behaviour at time really made me sad
Ex and I and the way we seem to always land up interacting with each other is not healthy, I really hope we can move past these roles that we so damaging in our relationship. I am as much to blame and I need to learn to react less and be calm in the dealings we have to have with each other for the kids sake.

14. Where did most of your money go?
Living expenses takes the constant flow of money the big purchases were car and boobs

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about?
My boobs – gosh I really do go on about them a lot – forgive me but they have changed my life
ART – I am excited that it might actually work ( sorry to be cryptic about this one but all will be revealed soon)
my awesome boyfriend 😉

16. What song will always remind you of 2009?
Who I was born to be – Susan Boyle
Just say yes – Snow Patrol

17. Compared to this time last year, are you:
Happier or sadder? Happier
Thinner or fatter? Thinner
Richer or poorer? Financially much poorer but emotionally much richer

18. What do you wish you’d done more of?
You know this year I survived and that is really all that counts, I laughed when I could, I made awesome friends. I am not sure there are things I wish I did more of – maybe just sleep. I get very very little sleep. 3-4 hours a night is not really enough.

19. What do you wish you’d done less of?
The obvious ones are to wish you had worried less or worked less or been less sad but all these things shaped me this year.

20. How will you be spending Christmas?
I spend with my family. For me it is all about the kids

21. How will you be spending New Year?
With Aequitas at a braai/house party in CT

22. Did you fall in love in 2009?

23. How many one-night stands?

24. What was your favourite TV programme?
I don’t have a TV so I really did not watch much this year

25. Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year?
No, too much effort to really hate someone all it does it take from you

26. What was the best book you read?
Now this is actually something I did wish I had done more of this year, I had very little time to read so, next time this year I hope I have a few to write here.

27. What was your greatest musical discovery?
Just discovering music again, and it has been great. Aequitas put so much cool music on my PC. I really like 30 seconds to Mars and 3 Doors Down and funny enough Disturbed has grown on me. And of course rediscovering how much I like going head banging – just not the neck pain the next day.

28. What did you want and get?
I wanted boobs and am so happy with them
I wanted some happy – I got it just in time for the year to end

29. What did you want and not get?
I wanted a divorce – not happened yet

30. What was your favorite film of this year?
I did not actually watch that many but I liked D9 and Zombie Land was so out of my normal but it was fun

31. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
I turned 32 this year, I was in the UK for my sisters wedding and my friend Ghilraen made it a really special day

32.What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?
Financial security

33. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2009?
Gosh I am not sure i have fashion concept but this year I was a lot more me in my clothes and style. I am in love with Big Blue and can spend way way too much money in that shop, there are the coolest trousers there that i covet but can’t afford

34. What kept you sane?
My friends
and I guess, although it feels like they drive me mad sometimes, my kids gave me a reason to get up each day and carry on. I love them so much.

35. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
I still quite like Wentworth Miller

36. What political issue stirred you the most?
I think social issues stir me more than politics, it is after all like George Orwell says just a different set of pigs.

37. Who did you miss?
My Home school group in the UK, it was lovely to have a group of like minded friends that all got on so well despite being so different.

38. Who was the best new person you met?
Twitter and blogging means that I have met so many awesome people this year that have changed my life in so many ways, guardian angel, And of course Aequitas

39. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2009.
being true to yourself is not always the most popular or easy way to go but it is well worth it in the end.

40. Quote that sums up your year.

I know this one is a tiny bit soppy and I don’t believe in the religious icon kind of angel, swooping and swerving against a bright blue sky. My angels are down here, in the trenches, keeping me safe.

“Angels are the guardians of hope and wonder, the keepers of magic and dreams. Wherever there is love, an angel is flying by. Your guardian angel knows you inside and out, and loves you just the way you are. Angels keep it simple and always travel light. Remember to leave space in your relationships so the angels have room to play. Your guardian angel helps you find a place when you feel there is no place to go. Whenever you feel lonely, a special angel drops in for tea. Angels are with you every step of the way and help you soar with amazing grace. After all, we are angels in training; all we have to do is spread our wings and fly!” Author Unknown

Bring on 2010 – PHG

Things they don’t tell you about new Boobs

The new boobs have been around since 6 August so almost 3 month and I know I have said it before but I love them, really really love them.

– Everyone says that they are not going to change your life but well actually they do! Not in the big solve-all-your-problems kind of way but rather more subtly by changing the way you feel about yourself. This has a huge impact on the way you interact with the world around you. Self confidence and the ability to project one’s self in a positive way to others should not be reliant on looks but lets face it you feel way better on the day when you look good in your business meeting than the morning you wake up to find the horror of a enormous pimple on the end on your nose.

– Being able to try on bras and actually find some that fit and you have enough to actually fill is a fantastic feeling. Bra shopping went from one of the things I most loathed and dreaded to being fun. I love buying new pretty bras for my new boobs. I even got some matching sets so I can be proper like Laura and Wenchy 😉

– Fake boobs are sometimes colder than the rest of you. I have 400cc of silicone in each breast, there was not much there to start with as you can see here so I guess with that much silicone just under a thin muscle they feel the cold more.

– The scar was really really hard in the beginning and I was worried that it would stay like that, but the wonders of bio oil and the bodies own amazing ability to heal means that the scar area is soft now and a lot less visible, yes you can still see it, but not enough that it ever bothers me.

– Fake boobs are like public property, people are curious and want to feel them. I am really okay with this, so ask. And I am talking about an over clothes lets see what they feel like kind of feel. The other kind of feeling is not open to everyone. But seriously if you are curious just ask.

– People are so much more supportive than I had ever imagined, or maybe those who think it was a crap idea just shut up. Thank you to everyone that supported me.

– It feels different to hug with boobs.

– Mine are now a full B boarding on a C but just not quite, it is a great size for me and I love them. Running would have been harder with them being that much bigger, but secterly boob greed is real, once you have them you always want a little more.

– I have lost crumbs down my top for the first time in my life.

– You can walk around all day with a mark on your top that is just under boobs so out of line of sight and not notice until you look in the mirror later.

– Loosing sensation was a big worry for me, but it has not been a problem, in fact having more for someone to play with and know they enjoy them too means it is actually even more fun.

– I never knew how much I would love looking at them and touching them just to know they are there. If I walk past a mirror or my reflection in glass I have to stare, it is like a pinch me is this real moment. ‘Are those nice boobs really mine?’

– Wearing and shopping for clothes that are made to fit a female frame with some shape is now fun, I have not had huge amounts of money to spend on new tops but those that show them off a bit are now fun to wear and will add more as and when the budget allows.

– Doing something like these boudoir photos becomes an option you consider instead of something you would never dream of in a million years.

new boobs new boobs3

Ask me anything

I know a few people have done this on their blogs, I know Laura did it a while back and Richard did it recently, so basically the idea is that you get to ask my anything in the comments section and I will answer later. Ask 1 ask 20, just ask something! This could be quite interesting, lets see what people want to know about the pink hair chick.

10 bonus points for the most original question


Q: 1. Why pink hair? Is it a trade mark and why not purple or red, why did you choose pink?
A: I like pink, I did not start out with the intension of it being a trade mark, in fact I was only going to have a few streaks and well I sort of got a bit addicted. Pink makes me happy. I guess I have become known for it now

Q: I’m guessing ‘what is your real hair colour?’ isn’t what you want to hear…. How about *scrapes barrel*:
What would you do with a placenta?
A) Cook it with onions and sage and eat it in a candlelit ceremony
B) Bury it under a tree in the garden, next to an ex-pet
C) Donate it to medical research or
D) Try not to think about it and hope that it is discreetly disposed of?

A: My real hair colour is strawberry blond like my daughter in the picture in this blog but it lost a lot of the copper and was more just mousy brown – I can’t do mousy brown!

I have had 2 placentas – one i buried under a rose bush the other the midwives took away after the birth as we were just renting and i had no where to plant it.

Q: How much does maintaining that gorgeous peeeeenk hair cost every month?
A: It is complicated
I import the dye which is about $9 a bottle and i get 2-3 application out of a bottle. And each application lasts about 4-5 weeks. This I do myself – well I mean Sharon does it for me at home. The bleaching and cut I have done at the hairdresser every 2 months and that is about R650

Q: What’s the one material thing you can’t/won’t live without?
A: My computer as I run my business from it and I need to make money, but for that reason alone. Otherwise I think if i HAD to I could live without a lot of stuff.

Q: Why are you getting divorced? What happened?
this blog on leaving and this one on my part maybe explain it a little. We were too different and should never have been together in the first place.

Perhaps we should ask some ‘interesting’ questions
When did you lose your virginity?
Was it everything you hoped for or do you wish it had been different?

When 1995 I was 17, in my res room at University. It was okay, it was both of our first times so it was rather awkward but we really cared for each other and that make it something I don’t regret. As first times go I think it was fine. The only thing that was a bit of a dampener on the situation was one of my friends knocking on the door ( thank goodness I locked it) and asking if I was in. We had to try hard not to laugh and wait until she left thinking I was out 😉

*Rubs hands together*

Q: Most embarrassing moment?
A: You know I don’t really have one, how sad is that, obviously there are little stupid things we do in life but I can’t think of one that stands out a being huge

Q: Biggest fear?
A: Dying before my kids are a lot older, not because I am scared of dying it is just they have been through so much already and the turmoil to them would be huge.

Q:Wildest dream?
At this point it is falling in love – I mean the whole deal. I want to say that in my wildest dreams i did not imagine it could be this great.

Q:What could you NOT live without?
A: besides people in my life like my kids i guess the stuff that keeps you alive like water and food, and then physical touch ( sex, but the touch more than the sex) . I know if my ex reads this he will laugh as i was just about asexual in our relationship but there were reasons i suppressed my natural desire to be touched and held. My love language is definitely physical affection.

Q: Most public place you’ve had sex?
A: There are a few you choose which counts as most public
– In a pool with other people around
-outside on a quiet path near the edge of a little tiny swiss village with the mountain in the background,
– on a beach in Greece – at night it was dark

Q: And Finally, What would you do if you woke up one morning and there was a pigs head next to you?
A: Scream!!

Kkthx <3 Bman Q: Does the curtain match the drapes ? A: There is very little to match but the thought has crossed my mind, not so sure about the bleach being such a good idea down there 😉 but I like the idea. Jack Q: Who has the best tongue that you know? A: Haha this is my blog so I can say whatever I like about myself but naming other people is not so cool. But all I will say is that he knows who he is. Madeline Q:How are you coping with the kids on your own? A: I am quite used to it, in the UK when my son was born and my daughter was only 3 I had then ALL alone for 2 weeks at a time every month when my ex was on the oill rigs 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. There I had no domestic and no parents to help. So here it is in some ways easier as I have a domestic who is like a saint with me and my chaos and the kids, and I have my parents who live next door and I have lots of amazing friends. I guess what is hard now is juggling them and earning a living. Barb Q: What is your earliest childhood memory? A:I have no idea what are true memories and what I have see in photos and been told. But i guess I remember dressing up with Jenni in the garden, I remember hating nursery school. I remember one very cold morning Jenni getting ready to go to big school next to the heater in the lounge it was dark and her clothes were warming over the heater and I was sitting next to it watching my mom help her. Q: Which one question do people always ask you when they don’t know what to say? (e.g. mine has always been – Are you always this quiet?) A: I have never had a question before but now it is always why do I have pink hair. Diddle Q: Is part of the reason you keep dyeing your hair pink that you like the attention? Does it make you feel more confident? Also, do you really believe it suits your complexion? A: Gosh sounds like you disprove of my pink hair. No I don't dye it for the attention, I really hardly notice people looking anymore. It does not make me more confident it reminds me who I am and makes me feel happy so I guess in a way it makes me more able to be me. As for it suiting or not suiting my complexion - I don't really give a shit, but a lot of people tell me it suits me. If you disagree I don't really care. Sleepyjane Q: One of your biggest regrets? I don't do regrets, everything makes me who I am. I just don't like that sometimes things i did hurt others Q: Your biggest pet peeve? A: A stupid little one is people mis-pronouncing the word 'trait' Q: Your favourite comfort food? A: Anything sweet, i like chocolate a LOT Zeenoid Q: What is the single weirdest thing that you’ve done? A: You mean besides having pink hair. I guess it would be birthing my son at home without any medical help. Q: Does all the hair match? A: see my answer above Q:Can you do the splits and touch the ground with you nose? A: not even nearly Barb Q:If you could have a superpower what would it be and why? A: I always said being invisible, but right now I want the ability to change someone's mind. I want to help and they are not letting me. It is making me sad as I know I could make a difference. Q: If pink did not exist what would be your favourite colour? A: OOh life with no pink that that is a horrible horrible thought! No can't do it, can't even begin to think of life without pink, I like green and orange but not in the same way as I feel about pink. Q: Since you drink all these weird vile things ‘because they good for you’ – would you use the Semen Recipe book if i got it for you for christmas? … it is mos good for you! *snigger* A: How good for me is it? It would have to be very very very good for me and scientifically proven to be so. But the problem is that to use the semen recipe book i would have to have a supply of semen available and I don't. Q:Do you think the most interesting thing about you is your pink hair? lol A: It is the most remarkable and the most memorable but there is a lot more to me than just pink hair ShoN Q:What’s the one thing in your past that you would change/do differently, if you had the opportunity to do so?! A: There is only one thing that I want to do with the past and that is learn from it, i can't change it because then it would change me. We learn through the good and bad. Gilz Q: What’s one thing in life that you have not done yet and will do NO MATTER WHAT? A: I want to take the kids around Europe for 6 months in a camper van learning and experiencing things rather than reading about them in book. Clarence Q: If you support the Freestate Cheetahs but next season they buy 80% of the Bulls players. Would you still support the Cheetah,s as technically you are supporting the Bulls. ? A: which jersey will go with my hair better? I will go with that team. Sharon Q: When can we meet for coffee again so I can hear the answers to all these questions? A: Name a time, I would love to do coffee again, but the answers are above 😉 Q: Oh and I also want to know what Wenchy asked. A: above You a brave girl putting up a post like this I know I don’t have the guts! It is not that brave, it has been fun. I have been told I am too honest. Bobbi Q: What a good post, my question is do you have a tattoo and if so where and what. If not would you ever get one and what would it be? A: No not yet, I would love to have one. I like the lower back but am told they are not cool. So actually I have no idea, i also don't know what to get, as soon as I have solved these 2 problems I will get one. Demaria Very interesting post. thanks for sharing. I was going to ask about the pink hair and the divorce, but you’ve answered that, thanks. Cazpi Q: Just have to say this is awesome – would LOVE to do it myself as well. Fun My random question: You stated above about love : ¨I want to say that in my wildest dreams i did not imagine it could be this great.¨ Does that mean you are IN love currently>?
A: That is a really good question

Q:what do you think is the most important thing you want to teach your daughter and son about love and relationships?
A: Risk all to fall in love totally and completely, never settle. You might get hurt but it is always worth it. If you find it hold on with both hands and don’t let go.

Q:Are you a cat person or a dog person?
A: Dog

Q: What is your food weakness?
A: Chocolate

Q: If you could only eat one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would that meal be?
A:Salad or pizza as you can make them a million different ways and not get sick of them

Q:What is your favourite book?
A: This is one of the questions I find very very hard to answer, I love books and reading and there are so many beautifully written books, the ones where you literally laugh out loud until your sides hurt or the ones where you feel the emotion so much that the tears stream down your face. Books are like friends they enrich your life, I guess it was one of the things I never understood about my ex, the fact that he did not read and saw no value in it.
One that spring to mind Catch 22, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Kite runner, Thousand splendid suns, Wuthering heights and and and. I want to read the 101 books to read before you die – but that is a new blog all on its own.

Q: Have your kids been affected by the divorce?
A: Hard to say, they are very little. I think have an environment with less fighting and animosity has been good for them. Ask me in 10 years and I guess I will know better how much this will affect them

Q: What is your best attribute (character and physical)? And your worst?
A: Best character attribute: wanting to help others, I like connecting with people, talking exchanging ideas, finding meaning and purpose and being open to them touching my life and me touching theirs
worst character attribute: my temper
best physical: hahaha can I say my new boobs? I love them
worst: I have always been told I have a big bum

Q:Oh… and who is Diddle?
A: I have no clue, but hope it is not just me that thought they were a tad rude!

S_Mesh ( questions on twitter)
Q: Aliens have landed and selected you to visit their home planet. Do you go with them?
A: No too many people need me here now, find some brainy scientist. I am of no value in something like that but there are 2 beautiful little people that need me here and other people who’s lives I am in and need to be part of

Q: If you have twitter and blogger friends coming for supper what would you cook?
A: Depends on the people but if they liked sushi i might make that, it is quite fun and I have the mat and all.

Q:Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: Because the hair dresser was on the other side and it was pink feather day

Q: Who was your hero as a child?
A: I don’t remember having one as such, I was too busy trying to get my own way 😉

Q: If you were an animal in the wild, what would you be?
A: Something nocturnal I guess and what animals are there that have sex for pleasure? I know it is us and dolphins. So a nocturnal sex animal. Oh and the monkeys they have a lot of physical contact i guess I could be one of those. Or what about something that is pink – not too keen on being a bird though.

haha i think all this has highlighted that I am quite indecisive choose one thing is hard for me

This has been great fun thank you everyone who asked questions!

Snappping Turtle
Q: How are the new boobs doing? Are they all you ever dreamed of?
I love them, no really really love them, they are fantastic, so much more than I ever dream or hoped for. And that I did them when I did just for me and that makes them even more great. The are rather firm, but they feel good – I am told. 😉 and I have lost no sensation which I was worried about.
They make wearing clothes designed for a female figure with some shape so so much nicer. Best money I ever spent.

Q:You know that you made me re-think getting plastic surgery Would you let me touch your boobs when I see you next LOL!!
A: of course you can, don’t feel shy just ask.

I won!!

This is take-2 on today’s blog, the other is left in my drafts and I am sure it is where it should stay. Just far too much emo-ness going on in it and I am guess there are very few people that really want to read any more emo here, so lets stick to all the rad things that happened today.

1) my boobs went for their 6 week check up and have been given the all clear to run. I bought them a new running bra called the Shock Absorber Hahaha not that they move anywhere anyway! Running here we come
2) I won R1000 Woolies voucher from Women24 for re-tweeting their competition! I have never won anything in my life so this is really cool.
3) Had 2 good business meetings today – exciting things happening all round. I just wish I knew more about websites and SEO than I do. I should have studied computers not nursing.
4) I bought some nice pink shoes but am considering not going to what I was going to wear them to.

Seeking the positive and I know these are all good things so lets just focus on them.

I have been given ALL the answers!!

And who would ever have suspected that they would all come from a piece of paper handed out at the robots? Ja you know the ones that get cram into your face if you have you window down by even a millimeter. Now what is a nice pink haired eco mom to do? I want to use the aircon as little as possible – but having to fight off papers and worse being thrust at me whenever I stop is not cool. However on this occasion apparently the planets conspired so that I had my window down to receive my paper of enlightenment.

Some dude in Centurion for R200 with rather shocking sentence construction and grammar will do all the following for you. Bear in mind that he is a healer that will read your face and destiny using the Ancient method of checking through water and a mirror enabling him to tell you all your problems before you mention them to him.

So this is the fun part his specialties include:
* bring back your lost lover even if you broke up long ago – what you mean all of them? no really some are best left well in the past thanks so much

*Remove the bad spell from your life which keeps taking away – Shit so it is a bad spell that took those damn book case screws and the other things that go missing in this place, do you think this works for the mysterious missing socks too?

* Find out what’s holding you from progressing in life –seeing as I have done more things that I have never done before I think my progress is just peachy thanks

* Get you married to that love of your life in a short time and seal up your marriage with eternal love and happiness –sounds a bit like polyfiller, but no really can I just get divorced first please.

*Ensure success as you get rich quickly – why are riches and success always synonymous?

* Stop your marriage or affair from breaking apart – too late

* Masai Remedy Xtra for enlarging the breasts to a size D naturally – NOW you tell me! After I paid so much for these lovely silicon one and all I needed was masai root juice.

*Masai remedy for tightening the breast making them firmer to the size of your choice permanently – okay so explain how on one person you are growing D size knockers and on the other you are shrinking them to whatever they want, I guess it must be like something from Harry Potter you have to say a little spell first or say I wish I wish I wish for X size Boobs, any takers ladies?

and there was more but really what more could I want, bigger boobs, polyfiller romance and loads of money and all this for R200, bargain! So if anyone is tempted and wants all these great things just email me on

Boobs need support – I need to run

It has been ages since I last ran and I am really starting to get rather fidgety. Tomorrow is 5 weeks since the new boobs, that I am totally in love with by the way! Monday I go for my last check up and hopefully get the all clear to start run again. So I now need to go and get sports bra to run with. I just never bothered with a bra when running before, well to be honest I just never bother with a bra most of the time, but the new boobs will need support so they don’t fall down and land up around my belly button – not the look I was going for! The natural droop is one thing, but 2 foreign silicon circles migrating to my stomach is another. This unfortunate stage of affairs is called ‘Bottoming Out’ btw and for some very interesting pictures Google is your friend. Bottoming Out is one of the post boob op complication I was warned about and although totally correctable it is one I would really rather avoid. So an uber tight boobs-going-nowhere sport bra is on the shopping list.

Running is my happy drug it really makes me feel heaps better about myself and my world. You can sort out so many things in your head while you run. Maybe it is all the bouncing around that jostles the thoughts into some coherent pattern or maybe it is the forward motion that makes you see ways to get things in my life moving forward too, or maybe it is just the fresh air and time to think away from the constant demand on my attention from kids, computer, work, twitter, blogs, phone, friends and life in general. I know no one is going to talk to me and it is one of the few times I get with just me and my thoughts.

I was told that running is going to age me with all that bouncing up and down and that I am going to look like an old hag soon. Cycling was recommended, but there are a few problems with this suggestion. Well there is only one problem really it just has numerous potentially disastrous outcomes. I CAN’T ride a bike. Yes yes I know but what is a girl to do? I have a bike, a very fancy (so I am told as I know nothing about bikes) mountain bike with gears and all. My ex did try to teach me, but I am terrified and I still maintain if you did not learn as a kid you have very little hope as an adult. While there is less impact riding a bike when you know how, the impact of me falling off all the time is not going to do anything for my looks either. Okay so my skin might not sag as much but I will be covered in scars, I might lose a limb or even better yet be killed and then all I will have achieved is being a young pretty corpse! And bikes need maintenance and get punctures and all these things that I have no idea how to solve – No D I don’t want to learn 😉

No it is just going to have to be running, well slow plodding to be honest especially after these few sedentary weeks. All I need is me and a pair of shoes. Besides now that I can eat again, I need to run or the kg’s are going to start piling on. 2 Oceans here I come.

Too much stuff

As I have been working my way through the boxes and stuff that was shipped I realized that we have way too much stuff. The kids and I survived since January with just about what we brought in our suitcases. Sure we have added a few things here and there but on the whole, besides some of their more special toys, we did not seem to need or miss very much stuff at all.

Now we suddenly have a house full (too full of stuff) and I am feeling a little over whelmed. I am being a bit like an ostrich and sticky my head in the proverbial sand and ignoring the problem. Most of the boxes are unpacked and there is stuff piled everywhere but it is now dealing with all the stuff that I am avoiding. I spend time at my computer where it is safe, when I really should be sorting my life out. I know that once it is more organised it will help with the sense of calm I need in my life at the moment. My excuse last week was that lifting and moving stuff was still not such a great idea with the new boobs but now I really don’t have that excuse. The boobs feel fine (and as a quick aside let me just say how much I love them – so glad I did it)

I am generally not a very organised or tidy person, I will find 100 better things to do, life just normally feel too short to spend too much time on being excessivly tidy, sure some sense of order is needed, but I like just a little chaos too, that if things are not quite where they should be all the time it is okay. Things being slightly out of place is one thing, but it is the amount of stuff that is weighing me down. There are things I have shipped and moved in the last 5 years that I should have gotten rid of ages go. I think I need a roll of black bags and a ruthless mood and I need to start throwing away. Maybe a bit like a diet detox – my life needs a bit of a detox and clean out.

You see the problem is that a lot of the stuff has memories tied into them, they remind me of just how far away I am from where I planned to be. A lot of the stuff also serves to remind me just what being alone means. I am faced with doing things I never had to before and am feeling just a little too far out of my comfort zone.

Time to let go and move on from not just my marriage but a lot of things from my life. Hanging on to things only burdens you, I need a lighter load if I am to have a new start.