Pinky is back – and I had a birthday party

I turned 36 yesterday and I decided it was a good age to have a birthday party. I usually do the braai and jeans thing on my birthday. I realize that 36 is not traditionally a big birthday but I am not really one for tradition. I guess I might skip the 40th then, who knows, I have leant not to plan the future.

While I never wear heels for height reasons I quite like dressing up now and again. But this time for my birthday I thought, height be damned I am going to wear heels and have a cocktail party. I really enjoyed it but my feet are not thanking me.

The night before I needed to do my hair and the choice was whether to stay light pink or go darker again. The Geek likes the lighter pink, but he is very careful to make sure that I know it is up to me to do what makes me happy. I said to him that I thought I would go back to my normal colour. He looked a a little shocked and said ” what, brown?” I told him not to be ridiculous, I meant my bright pink. That is what I think of as my normal proper colour.

It makes me happy when my hair is pink. This is rather a poor quality picture but I like it anyway. Hooray for Atomic Pink


I cooked and baked for the party

savoury snacks

I got to use our wedding lemonade stand again
Lemonade stand

party snacks

Nadine from Jorjacs Cakes did it again with another great cake. I gave her free reign to do whatever she liked. I just said it was a cocktail party to dres up and wear high heel shoes.

I landed up taking very few pictures during the party and don’t have any of The Geek and his brother together in their Tuxedos. I am not sure if anyone else took pictures, we just all seemed too busy chatting.

I did get one of Titus and Yme

Here is one of the few of me
Pink Hair

Blowing out candles and cutting the cake with Rachel
Blowing candlecutting cake

And although there are no photos of them on, and thankfully no photos of The Geek and i standing next to each other, here are the shoes I wore. My feet still do not feel normal!

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All is well

Caleb was an absolute star on Friday, he was brave and did not make a fuss at all for his needle biopsy. It was quite funny to watch him all spaced out with the sedative they gave him. My awesome GP managed to get the results for me the same day and it showed a reactive gland, in other words and infection and no cancer! Yay A huge thank you to Carle who let us going to the farm after the hospital to wait for the results. I would have been much more stressed alone.

What great news to get before the day before my birthday. I must admit that when he came to climb into bed with me Saturday to wish me happy birthday I gave him an extra long hug.What a great 35 birthday present.

I had a wonderful birthday weekend, it was spend with family and friends. The boys woke me up with presents in the morning, we then did some shopping, baked caked and got the snoek braai ready. Yme’s family came over, our friend Andre (and his nice car) and my friend Carle and her family and we just chatted and laughed and relaxed it was lovely.

I spoke to Rachel on skype and she was having a good time at her Dad for the weekend visit. I am glad it went well and they went to a lot of effort to make it nice for her. I just hope that it does not open a lot of old wounds for Rachel. She has come to accept a certain level of non involvement from her dad but they were always close so I wonder if seeing him again and having a nice time will make her sad and miss him more again. Maybe seeing her will be motivation for him to come and visit them ( one can always hope)

Sunday we did a bit of gardening and then went to watch F1 at The Green Barn. We have been trying to decide where to get married and for budget reasons we were going to do it at home but we decided to ask on the off hand that it might not be as expensive as ‘proper’ commercial wedding venue. It is a barn, rustic and has a huge play area. They do great pizza and so we can have pizza and then bring any other food we like. They have a bar so the drinks are sorted. There is a hall with a fire place and a lovely outside section where we can do the service. The kids area is fantastic, with jumping castle, huge wooden climbing frame, trampoline. We have kids and a lot of the people coming to the wedding, especially those coming from far away will have their kids. It feel odd to try exclude them as we are a family. So this play area makes it perfect.

I am really excited, by the time we fixed the garden, hired the extra tables, chairs, plates, glassware etc and thought about a jumping castle etc for home we would be spending more so I am very happy and it is still very much in keeping with our style. It is 5 minutes from home and we can decorate it in much the same way with a backyard diy crafty feel as we would have done at home.

All in all a great weekend, how was your weekend?

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Titus Turns 1 – Hungry Caterpillar party

Photos as always but the wonderful Catherine from Cazpix

Birthday boy and Mommy

The Hungry Caterpillar theme. I got a lot of good idea off Pinterest and then just made it work for us, what I liked was that the worm eats a lot a fruit and it was easy not to have a lot of sweets as the kids loved that all the food the caterpillar ate was on the table. I did a row on the fruit he ate from Monday -Friday and behind was all the food he ate on Saturday.






chocolate cake, ice-cream cone, pickle, swiss cheese, lollipop, salami, cherry pie, sausage, cupcake and watermelon



making egg box caterpillars

I found a sticker book with the story so I read the story to the kids and they got turn to stick the stickers in

Titus and Bear played – bbf

Sleeping – the excitement was too much for some


With Oom Jacques

Cake and singing
Cake was made by Nadine from Jorja’s Cakes

Titus needs to learn to blow not grab the candle

The Geek looking Handsome


1 I can’t believe it

It is my birthday!


I love my birthday. I love surprises and feeling special for the day. Yme really out did himself this year. I know he deliberated a lot about what to get. In the end he got me a Galaxy Tablet! The self same tablet I am writing this blog post on. It is great, very similar to my HTC Android phone so easy to use and familiar layout. I love it, a total spoil present. I had put practical things like pots on my list, this is like a little luxury all for me.

But wait there is more, you know that time away in a cottage I was longing for and blogged about here well he organized that too. My friend Ghilraen is staying with us and she is going to watch the 2 older Pinklets and we will take little Titus with us for the weekend. We are going to Chestnut Cottage ( how quaint does that sound!) I cant wait!

He also took all 3 kids last night to go shopping for little gifts from them. I got woken up by my lovely family and had presents before Yme went to work.

I got lovely presents from Ghilraen and family too, including beautiful beaded earings, bracelet and necklace which she cleverly made for me. She bake a cake which she is now bravely decorating with help from all 5 kids, while i have been sent to the room to play with my toy so the cake can be a surprise.

A few years ago I would never have imagined I could be this happy or this loved and cherished. I know it sounds cliche but even without all the gifts I have all I need. I am loved beyond my wildest dreams.

Happy Birthday dear PHG blog

Birthday,balloons I actually missed the day that my blog turned ONE, I was thinking about it for weeks before and then at the time it was just hectic as always and I forgot. I am quite sad that I missed it as this little space in the world has come to mean quite a lot to me. It has helped me through some very dark days and out to the other side where life is a lot better. I know that in the world of blogging me and my blog are but infants but we have loved every minute so far and hope to be having many more birthdays

I have always said I write because I have to, the word bubble up inside me and I need to put them down somewhere, but as helpful as writing alone is, a benefit I never realized would come to mean so much to me, is the amazing people I have met through my blog and the support people have given me. I know there are those that think the support from comments should not be taken too much to heart as people can type any little message and it does not replace genuine care and support, but I might just have been lucky in that so many of the people who comment here have become real life friends who do care about me and mine.

Emotions and life can often feel overwhelming as things happen at strange and unplanned times but blogging gives a place to get it all out and it is like having a safety net of people out there that just gently with their words and kindness carry you through the good and bad times.

To all that have read and commented over the year, thank you, you really mean the world to me. I know there are a few of you that read but do not comment often or at all, please keep coming back and maybe just now and again let me know you are out there with a comment or 2, i do so love comments 😉

I have received criticism about my blog and about my choosing to share my world and emotions with others but no matter what others think I am proud of my little space in the world.