Could you breast feed someone else’s baby?

I have had this discussion with a few friends. Could you feed someone else’s baby or let someone feed your baby?

In theory I am okay with it, after all  Selma Hayek fed an African baby on a visit to Sierra Leone to promote breast feeding.

In dire straits with no other options I think I would. I would also feed a newphew or niece if needed but otherwise I  think it crosses a boundary for me. Probably a silly
society influenced boundary, but still.

Could you?

And just for AJ – how would you feel about your wife or partner breast feeding another baby or your baby feeding from someone else?


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Greener Baby

I wrote an article for Parent 24 a while back Saving the Planet, don’t have more kids This was before I met Yme and Titus graced us with his presents. I mentioned that I was not saying don’t to have kids or even that I would not have any more, but the question was should we consider the environment when deciding to have children.

I think there are ways to have kids without having a huge impact on the environment. I want to highlight some of these over the next few weeks. I was going to do a baby week but I thought even I might be sick of baby talk by the end of that so I will intersperse the baby stuff into the general life news.

My first tip is on clothing
Kids grow so fast and one of the great expense is keeping them clothed. Titus fondly known as ‘bundle of puke’ when he was younger would go through quite a few changes of clothes a day. One of the best ways to decrease the environmental impact is to use pre loved clothes and pass on the clothes that your kids have out grown. I know not everyone likes hand-me-downs but they make economic and plant saving sense.

I am always very grateful for stuff that has been passed on to us and I notice that some offer it hesitatingly though, I guess not all people are as welcoming when it comes to 2nd hand clothes. I in turn pass mine on with enthusiasm, so if I offend you offering you our hand-me-downs please forgive me I am just trying to save the planet.

We can’t always just get away with 2nd hand things so what about the times when you want to add that something special or you need something for your kids. Honey Badger Eco Friendly clothing fills this gap very well.

Look out for the full blog article on Honey Badger Clothing but in the mean time I just want to let you know of the special offer they are running for Pink Hair Girl readers. On their Facebook page they have an album of pictures of clothes less 25% for you including fitted sheets. Postage NOT included, while stock lasts,offer runs until the end of March. Their shopping trolley is down but you can contact Renee on the FB page about items you are interested in.

I am definitely going to get the kids a few more things. I was lucky enough to get a voucher for Honey Badger Clothing in an authors gift pack and have been very impressed with the clothes we got. And now you can OOOHHH and AAAHHH over how cute Titus was in October in his Honey Badger Clothes and sweet hat

Dreams don’t lie


I was having a nap with Titus the other day and was in a light, almost awake state but asleep enough to dream. Does that make sense?

Anyway I was dreaming The Geek and I were on a camp somewhere and were desperately trying to be alone to have sex. It was not working, we were being interrupted a lot. Hmm no genius is needed for dream interpretation. Babies and kids, well parenting is general causes one’s sex life to take a nose dive.

It is not from lack of desire, want or need but rather circumstantial. One falls asleep early, or the baby is awake or the other kids are awake or we are just busy with household things that need doing.

It is a good thing they are so cute and we forgive them the damage they do to libido

I was teasing The Geek with a few seductive sms’s while he was shopping today. Let’s hope the kids, the energy levels and the hormones all play along tonight.

Do you ever have sexy sms conversations?
Do you also check the number 100% just to make sure it does not for some obscure reason suddenly become your mother’s number?
How has having kids affected your sex life?

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This too will pass

I think those few words have to be the motto of almost every mother. Often no doubt said through gritted teeth as we battle the latest parenting challenge. This post is written Titus moaning in arms, we have spent the last hour trying to read to the older kids. We have given up, they are watching TV. He has cried, fussed, moaned, burped, wee’ed, chewed at his hands, moaned more, cried etc. He just had wind and sore gums. Both of which we can cope with, he is a baby, they cry sometimes. What is hard is juggling this with very little sleep and trying to do things with the other 2. We are doing pirate week and have great plans. It is frustrating seeing how little we get done. I feel like I should be able to do more. I know the key is being more organized and printing stuff and planning lessons at night. But between baby, Earth Babies, writing, knitting and just wanting to spend time with Yme. Time is in short supply. But I am sure if I did get more of a plan at night it would work better. When I am tired I am grumpy, it is not even all Titus’s fault. I often work during the time when he sleeps better. And so I was grumpy today. Rachel and Caleb fight a lot at the moment and I was less than happy with them. This in the picture Rachel drew of me first, then she added Titus