Only old ladies knit!

Why do I knit? I was once told I look like I should be dancing in a night club and not knitting. Was this because I have pink hair and am not an old lady? So why do I knit?

Knitting on Table Mountain

Knitting on Table Mountain

K – Knowledge: because I can. My mother taught me how to knit as a young child. I grew up surrounded by crafts and saw their value as I watched them being created. It all starts with being taught. Sadly so many have a bad start at school and are put off for life. Find the right person to teach you. Once you have the basics, the options are limitless you can just keep adding new skills. The list of things you can make is endless. Learning and challenging our mind is said to keep Alzheimer’s and Dementia at bay – bonus.

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Growing the pink out?


I am thinking of growing my pink hair out. This is not the first time I have thought this, but I usually chicken out and just redye it. I love my pink hair. It has become part of my identity, but I do wonder if my strawberry blonde hair is still there.

Rachel has hair like mine used to be. I was convinced mine when more brown as I got old but now looking back at photos I am not sure.
This is me when the kids were small

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Adenomyosis – search for a natural cure


I have written about my very heavy periods before since then things have gotten worse and I have been diagnosed with something called Adenomyosis. Which is basically the cells from the lining of the uterus getting into the muscle layer and then every month when you have a period you bleed into the muscle which results in tearing and swelling of the uterus.

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When the design does not go to plan…

I saw a funky cotton infinity scarf kind of thing in Big Blue. It was modled in the shop over a T-Shirt and I was thinking that with Autumn (at that point coming up) it would make a great season changing T-Shirt accessory.

I decided to use Bamboo to be a cool spring/autumn type of scarf. I knitted and frog a few ideas. Bounced a few ideas around when had tea with Di one day. I was really not happy with the one way I was doing it and chatting to her I decided changed the whole thing.

It started as a tube, to avoid rolling, but knitting a tube was using a lot of yarn and I was worried about not having enough length and the pattern did not feel very inspiring. So I frogged it.
Infinity Scarf

Next I decided to knit it across casting on the 400+ stitches. I love the pattern but when changing the pattern from a flat pattern to a round I did not feature in the stitch that had to move one to the left in the 2nd pattern repeat so it did not stack up as I wanted it to.



It blocked a normal size
Infinity 6

Wearing it made it grow vertically a lot! And it has the tendency to roll, which is what I was trying to avoid in the first design

Now when I wear it I have made peace with the fact that it rolls and I just embrace the garter stitch Wrong Side look. Bamboo stretches a lot and I can now wrap it 4 times!
photo (95)

So where to from here for the pattern. I am going to try knitting it length wise instead of width wise, Fix the pattern error and maybe maybe go back to the tube idea so it can’t roll. Not a waste, lessons learnt

What we said – wedding vows

I wrote about what I did not want to say in my wedding vows in this post so I thought I should do a post about what we did say.


This is what we read to each other as our promises. I non traditionally went first as I was so nervous I needed to get my part done. I had mine translated into Afrikaans and surprised The Geek by reading them in his home language, with my strong English accent. But I think I did okay. I will post them here in English as not everyone reading the blog will understand the Afrikaans version.

Yme, I choose you to be my husband, my companion on this journey, my partner in this life.
I will listen to you carefully, consider your ideas, and be open to the many things I can learn from you;
I will be your greatest advocate, whether your endeavors succeed or fail;
I will accept your strengths and faults as you accept mine; I will keep patient as we learn from our mistakes, and with you I will happily celebrate our successes;
I will remember to laugh when we need it most, and work to be slow to anger and quick to forgive;
I will strive to live consciously and deliberately so that our lives will be rich and that we might make a difference in this world;
I will take each year as it comes, but I will never take you for granted.
I will keep growing and changing, but I intend to always be someone who you can be proud to call your wife.


Sally I choose you to be my wife, my truest companion, my cherished partner.
I will offer my strength as your advocate, your sounding board, your anchor and your shelter;
I will work to bring us together when we feel furthest apart. Your happiness is inseparable from my own;
I will encourage you to follow your passion and reach your full potential as you encourage me to chase my own dreams;
I will weigh the words I speak and the things I do;
I will strive to live consciously and deliberately so that our lives will be rich and that we might make a difference in this world;
I will take each year as it comes, but I will never take you for granted;
I will keep growing and changing, but I intend to always be someone who you can be proud to call your husband.

These were our vows that the wedding official read and we said ‘I do’

Do you, Yme, take Sally-Jane as an individual and as your wife,
to treat her lovingly and with respect,
in joy and in sorrow,
in plenty and in want,
in sickness and in health,
and to be a faithful, committed partner,
as long as I am able?
Yme: I do.

Do you, Sally-Jane, take Yme as an individual and as your husband,
to treat him lovingly and with respect,
in joy and in sorrow,
in plenty and in want,
in sickness and in health,
and to be a faithful, committed partner,
as long as I am able?
Sally-Jane: I do

At the end we got all the children up with us and this was read to all of us.

Blessing on the family:
Yme and Sally-Jane, in addition to your new life as husband and wife, you have the joys of parenting to keep you busy! Rachel, Caleb and Titus, please join your Mom and Pappa.
Yme, Sally-Jane, Rachel, Caleb, and Titus, may you be filled with gratitude for the many blessings you share: being together, abundance, and well-being. Remember to speak kind words, to listen more, to respect differences, and to show patience. Rachel, Caleb and Titus, your parents will guide you to make wise choices, to keep promises, and to be honest. Remember always how much they love you. Yme and Sally-Jane, teach your kids to gently let go of hurts and overlook shortcomings, and to have hope during times of difficulty and change. Remember to see and nurture goodness within each other.

I am very grateful to our wedding official Dion Black of Wedlock how listened to all our requests and put up with my quirks and requests to change wording and vows and even the order of the service.


DIY wedding: Living Plants in recycled tins

Being a Pink Haired Girl who is green at heart, I wanted to include elements of recycling and green eco friendliness into the wedding. Besides it is a great budget saver if you can make a lot of the decorations from stuff you collect. This blog is about recycled tins into plant pots for living decorations at a wedding or party.

You will need:

* clean tins
* Philips Screw driver
* Hammer
* Potting soil
* Small trays of plants
* Origami crane or other decorations

Step 1: Collect the tins
Collect tins of various shapes and sizes during the months leading up to the wedding/party.
If you want a rusted more antique look then leave them outside to the elements to get a bit rusted.


Step 2: Make drainage holes
Use the star screw driver and a hammer and make a small drainage hole at the bottom of the tin so that that water does not collect around the roots after you have planted the little plants into the tins. I planted mine the week before to gibe them time to get used to their new environment and also so I had less to do closer to the wedding. No plants likes wet soggy roots so drainage hole are important.


Step 3: Buy plants and potting soil

If you are really really adventurous you could get seeds and grow the plants you are going to use from seeds but I just went to the nursery and bought small flowers. The fun part is choosing all the colours and pants to suit your theme. We went with a multi coloured, but you can get flowers in certain colours. Bear in mind if the area you are going to use the flowers is in the shade or the sun and then match the flowers accordingly. Depending how far in advance your wedding is remember to look for plant that still have closed buds so that they will be open at the time of the wedding.


Step 4: Planting

I planted about a week before to let the plants settle in, I used a small amount of potting soils in the bottom of the tin, then added the plant and filled the sides with more soil, press down lightly and water. Keep i the shade until the wedding and remember to water them.

Step 5: Add Decorations and Enjoy

There are many ways that you can decorate the tins, we added ribbons and rainbow origami birds on wire sticks
You can also paint the tin or decorate them in other ways that suit your wedding/party theme

There we used some on the logs next to the isle with little knitted and fabric birds to match our theme as we met on twitter







Stop Camel Light Fun colour boxes!

The Geek smokes, he is trying not to but that is another story. He usually smokes camel and he showed me with some amusement the new bright coloured box he had. It is part of a new limited edition coloured boxed like the ones in this picture. He was surprised how vehemently I reacted against them. They are fun and bright, very clever marketing, I have even heard adults on twitter say that they have not smoked in years or were about to quit and were tempted by the new fun colourful boxes.

Marketing that targets adults is one thing but using bright fun colours often associated with kids, toys and sweets is irresponsible, especially for a brand of light cigarettes, which might be a starting choice for teens. If adults are struggling to resist what about under age teens this holiday? Making smoking fun is irresponsible and dangerous. Tobacco companies can do what they like to adults, but when they blur the line and target children I get furious.

Titus (23 months) has never shown any interest in The Geek’s cigarettes, but he saw the box on the counter, pushed over a chair and got them down and tried to eat them because he thought they were sweets! If a baby under 2 is programmed to associate bright colours with sweets and something nice what chance to older kids have.

I am disgusted and appalled at the lack if integrity and regard for children’s safety.

If you like me feel strongly about this, and I encourage every parent with their child’s well being at heart to take the time to complain.

I have as yet not managed to get any tobacco company to take ownership of the camel brand. Everyone tells me it is someone else. I did read something that said that Camel was being brought into SA under Jti and I have emailed them a complaint, there is no direct number.
You can email a complaint to There is a very simple on line form to fill in.
Blog about it
Complain to any shops that you see stocking them
Complain on Hello Peter
Complain to the department of Health
Email or tweet you local government representative. I am going to tweet Helen Zilla. @helenzilla

Our kids need protecting at all costs.

Secret Santa

My wish list for christmas. I have joined The Stiletto Mum’s Secret Santa gift swap. So if you want to know what Pinky wants for Christmas here is my list, very obviously some stuff will not fit in the R100 budget but maybe the real Santa is reading this too.

I have just gotten into The Game of Thrones audiobook and am listening to the first half of book one. I have no idea if you can buy an audiobook for someone but I am totally loving knitting and ‘reading’ at the same time and would love the 2nd half of book 1 and the rest of the series.

I love to take relaxing baths now and again when it is quiet in the house so anything nice for the bath is always welcome.

Pretty hair clips or hair scarfs are always welcome, they can be fairly funky

Things to eat, I love chocolate so you can’t go wrong with chocolate, and of course nougat and turkish delight and lint balls

Mugs, I love a BIG mug for my tea and coffee otherwise I just start drinking and it is finished which is very disappointing

I love handmade things, I am a knitter and crafter and appreciate the time and effort in a hand made item.

More knit pro cables ( 100cm) and other 2,5mm fixed cable sock needle. These can be found at

Darning needles, I am always loosing them and could do with 100

I am a bit of a yarn snob so natural yarn ( wool, cotton, bamboo, camel, alpaca, sugar cane etc) is welcome.

I really want some cute Mary Jane’s to show off my knitted socks. Like these ones from Groundcover size 8 in fuschia please

Chai vanilla tea from Woolies is lovely

A wedding planner and person to make all the decorations and take over all the stress would be good.

Any patterns from my Ravelry queue would be nice, you can gift them to me

JoJo rainwater collecting drum

clinique par Amour Perfume

Will add if I think of more

Kids Entrepreneurial Market

Rachel and her friend are going to be at this market on 17 November, please come and support them if you are in the area. She is going to be selling eggs from her chicken, biscuits and meringues.
Here are the details if the picture is not very clear.

Join us for a Kids Market Day run by kids for kids.
No matter how funny or creative the produce, we encourage our kids to have fun making and creating their wares. Our Place Restaurant will provide grownup food and coffee sales for the day.

Theme: Xmas
 Décor: Bunting, Birds,
 Bird Houses, Bird Cages
 Market fee per table:
 R20
 Payable to: L Uys
 ABSA 9106660563
 Ref: Child’‛s name

Kids 7—13 years can apply to exhibit their home baked or homemade wares. Application Fee proceeds will go to SNAP Education (Centre for children with Autism).
Goody bag options available. Suggested Product sales between R5—R20 What to bring: Own Table, decorations, pricing, change/float and shade Table Size: 1m x 1m or 2 kids at a canteen table (1.8m x 0.9m)
Book with Lenore or Renata on
Date: 17 November 2012
Venue: Our Place, Oxford Street, Durbanville Time: 10:00—12:00