Rescue Chickens – What are they and why should you have them

Backyard chickens are becoming more popular, and if you have the yard space they are a very rewarding fun pets to have. I have had chickens for about 4 years, and in April we got our first rescue chickens. Most people understand what a rescue pet is if it is a dog or cat but are less sure about what a rescue chicken is.

This is a clip from a podcast we did. I have just included the chicken part here

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Own less, Live more

Photo by Andre vanRooyen

Photo by Andre vanRooyen

This is my motto for 2014. AT the beginning or 2012 I wrote how my word for the year was to be more Organised. Well I have been failing for 2 years. The clutter grew and so did my anxiety and my inability to cope. The visual clutter and stuff was making me feel overwhelmed. I felt like all I was doing all day was trying to contain the stuff and stop it taking over. It was like sea of belonging that I managed to clear away and organise – low tide, and then high tide would come and the stuff would all be everywhere again. I got boxes, drawers and container, I tried to label and sort everything to make it look more organised, but it never lasted. I felt like a complete failure. I would get mad with the kids and shout when stuff got mess and I was visually assaulted with all these things around me. I would feel my head swimming and my blood pressure rising.

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I know that I have not blogged in so long that I probably don’t have any readers anymore so it will not matter if I blog about my boring vegetables.

To me it is very exciting. That I have managed to grow wonderful veggie in rubbish Cape soil is amazing.

The tricks have been
1) chickens: I let them scratch and fertilize the area first – about a year. Then I kicked them out of that area so they can help the rest of the garden.
2) I did not pull up grass, just covered it with cardboard and compost. I did area by area while the chicken were there.
3) where I am in CT along the west coast is frost free so we started seeding in winter still
4) lots of rain this year
5) a great gardener
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DIY wedding: Living Plants in recycled tins

Being a Pink Haired Girl who is green at heart, I wanted to include elements of recycling and green eco friendliness into the wedding. Besides it is a great budget saver if you can make a lot of the decorations from stuff you collect. This blog is about recycled tins into plant pots for living decorations at a wedding or party.

You will need:

* clean tins
* Philips Screw driver
* Hammer
* Potting soil
* Small trays of plants
* Origami crane or other decorations

Step 1: Collect the tins
Collect tins of various shapes and sizes during the months leading up to the wedding/party.
If you want a rusted more antique look then leave them outside to the elements to get a bit rusted.


Step 2: Make drainage holes
Use the star screw driver and a hammer and make a small drainage hole at the bottom of the tin so that that water does not collect around the roots after you have planted the little plants into the tins. I planted mine the week before to gibe them time to get used to their new environment and also so I had less to do closer to the wedding. No plants likes wet soggy roots so drainage hole are important.


Step 3: Buy plants and potting soil

If you are really really adventurous you could get seeds and grow the plants you are going to use from seeds but I just went to the nursery and bought small flowers. The fun part is choosing all the colours and pants to suit your theme. We went with a multi coloured, but you can get flowers in certain colours. Bear in mind if the area you are going to use the flowers is in the shade or the sun and then match the flowers accordingly. Depending how far in advance your wedding is remember to look for plant that still have closed buds so that they will be open at the time of the wedding.


Step 4: Planting

I planted about a week before to let the plants settle in, I used a small amount of potting soils in the bottom of the tin, then added the plant and filled the sides with more soil, press down lightly and water. Keep i the shade until the wedding and remember to water them.

Step 5: Add Decorations and Enjoy

There are many ways that you can decorate the tins, we added ribbons and rainbow origami birds on wire sticks
You can also paint the tin or decorate them in other ways that suit your wedding/party theme

There we used some on the logs next to the isle with little knitted and fabric birds to match our theme as we met on twitter







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Giveaway Rawlicious Recipe Book and DVD

I have a great Giveaway at the moment for a Rawlicious Recipe book and DVD course. It seems just in time for the #twittermomsixpackclub but also for anyone who wants to improve their general health. I am not vegan nor vegetarian but I have this book myself and it is great ideas for Meat Free Monday and other Raw Food ideas. I could never be totally raw but I know that the more times a week we have raw whole food the better for the whole family. I have blogged about one of the amazing Raw Food meals that I made from here that the whole family loved.

There are some great ideas for things to do with your own produce too and an section on starting to sprout which even those who are challenged in the green fingers department can try. Here are my sprouts

The more I read for the Six Pack Challenge the more I see that a lot of what we eat and what is considered to be a healthy diet might be wrong. The amount of carbohydrates that we need is very very little and should come from our fruit and vegetables and not refined carbs like bread, pasta, rice and cakes. We are literally poisoning our boy with carbs and sugar and avoiding fat and protien which we need.

The food pyramid that was introduced as the basics of healthy eating has actually had the opposite effect and people are fatter and more obese than ever. Low fat and low protien diet seems to be killing us from heart disease and strokes rather than saving us.

Atkins started suggesting we had it all wrong and now big names like Dr Tim Knoakes, the sport physician, have joined in the low carb diet to improve health and fitness. My uncle when to one of his talks recently and I must say I am really keen to try go to one myself. Given that my dad with zero risk factors but bad genes had a triple by pass I think I need to take note.

The fat burning diets and all the tips for showing off the 6 pack that might be hiding under the fat is that it needs to be as close to nature as possible. If you can pick it, grow it or catch it then it is okay. Kick out all the refined foods. Well nothing gets more natural than the raw food diet. I am adding meat to mine 😉 but I am careful that we get non hormone meat as packing the body with hormones when I am trying to keep the kids healthy does not seem like a good idea. I love the ideas in this book as it helps me to cut back on our reliance on carbohydrates. I am especially keen on all the morning smoothy ideas as an alternative to cereal. Hopefully this book and a the stomach exercises will help me show off any six pack that might be waiting underneath. They say that it is 80% diet and 20% exercises, but I am not sure if they ( those who quote these stats know how far from muscles and more like jelly my belly actually is)

That is enough of my ramblings, on to the prize. Soaring Free have given me a great prize for a blog reader to win.

Rawlicious Recipes for Radiant Health written by Peter and Beryn Daniel

And a 4 DVD series. I have not watched this and am very jealous. I just have the book but I am sure the DVD has all sort of helpful tips. ( If you live in CT and win I might invite myself around to come and watch)

How to enter:
– Comment here below and tell me why you want to win. Are you a sixpack Mommy, are you going Raw, are you just looking to improve your health?
For extra entries ( you need to let me know here if you have done the extra entries so when I enter them in the draw I enter your name the right number of times)
– Like the Rawlicious FaceBook Page and come tell me you have Liked them
– Tweet “Win a Rawlicious Recipe book and DVD course – enter on @pinkhairgirl blog…e-book-and-dvd/ ”
and come and tell me here that you have tweeted.

-The competition will close on Sunday 26 August 2012 midnight South African Time
– Names are randomly drawn using Random Picker on line
– Open to residence of South Africa only
– Winner needs to write a review/thank you on their blog or if you don’t have a blog send it to me so I can put it up here on Pink Hair Girl
– Entrance must be 18 or older

Review: Tranquil Body Treats

I blogged Dear skin I am 35 not 15 a while ago, bemoaning still getting pimples at 35 which seems just unfair. I have done my time, the bad skin fairies can go visit someone else now.

Leigh-Ann from Tranquil Body Treats saw my plight and kindly sent me some of her skin range to try and see if it would help. I don’t know about you but getting parcels in the post makes me as excited as my kids on their birthdays. There are very few moments of feeling spoilt in our busy world and getting a nice parcel in the post seems like a little reprieve from the chaos of the day, even if just for a moment.

It was all packaged beautifully but I am afraid I was too impatient to wait and photograph that, I had to open and see what I got. Wow Leigh-Ann really spoilt me. These are my goodies. (I am not a photographer by any means, which is seems one needs to be now a days as a blogger – but that is another topic for another day.)

I have oily skin. And I am not sure why it feels yucky even typing that, as though in admitting my skin is anything other than normal I am not quite meeting the required standard. Oh well if being in my 30s has taught me anything, it is to moving on and not making issues about stuff that should not be.

What I love about Leigh-Ann’s range is that she understands that what oily skin needs is moisture and not to be stripped and left as dry as the gobi desert. Her milk cleanser glides nicely across your skin and there is not rough rubbing and scrubbing. Skin prone to acne needs to be treated very gently and does not like to be rubbed and scrubbed at all.

I don’t know what magic is in the moisturizer but you take a little on your finger tips and it almost melts into your skin as your apply it to your face, and not in a oily layer that sit on top all day but in a good way that just seems to take moisture right in where it is needed.

The mask and exfoliator as just as nice, gentle and well thought out. Leigh-Ann really knows her stuff when it comes to skin care.

The whole range smells just amazing, one of the nicest skin care range smells I have ever used. I love that Leigh-Ann comes from a beauty therapist background and combines this with aromatherapy and a focus on natural ingredient. No baddies in these products. Which is great for the environmental conscious like me.

And to make a good thing better, this is a local range, supporting small business and job creation here in South Africa.

A huge thumbs up from me for the Tranquil Body Treats Oily Skin Range. Thanks Leigh-Ann for letting me try these. Whatever you skin type is I recommend trying Tranquil Body Treats your will not be disappointed.

Happy Hog – I found bacon!

Quite by accident I have found a wonderful supplier of free range pork. The Geek had a job in Bonnievale and he was driving past Ashton. There he found Happy Hog Free Range Pork Farm, he got some pork directly from their butchery for us to try.

Wow the difference is incredible! I have never been a huge fan of pork sausages. But these were wonderful they do not shrink when you cook them and they are delishious. The bacon is amazing and again does not shrivel to nothing like shop bacon/pork with all the extra water and fillers that they use. The Apple and pork patties are a favourite ammoungst the kids and are really fillng. I can’t eat more than one and I am stuffed.

The best part is that they deliver to Cape Town and surroundings. The courier is R90 for less than 5kg and R120 for less than 50Kg. Over 50kgs is 2.25 per kg. A friend and I split the delivery fee and got our next lot of pork delivered. Again I am impressed.I found if you buy directly that the meat is not more expensive than the shop pork even for free range.

They have their own butcher and the pork is by far the best I have ever tasted. So now I no longer have to feel bad about having pork.

If you read the horrors of sow stalls, intensive pig farming and the cruelty that normally happens on commercial pork farms it is easy to make the switch to more ethical meat. Our country is taking 10 years to phase sow stalls out, but this is not good enough for me now. I am not going to risk supporting this cruel practice

Pictures from their website of happy pigs rather a stark contrast to the life of commercial pigs.
Now I must stop speaking about bacon and yummy pork as it is meat free Monday and we are having spinach quiche sans bacon.