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To find out more about Dove’s latest real-beauty campaign, visit @Dove_ZA while following #NoLikesNeeded. For more advice on how to overcome beauty-related anxieties, go to Dove’s Self Esteem Project community website. The website includes helpful advice on: teasing and bullying, friends and relationships, growing up and body image, boosting self-esteem and the role of media.

A little different to usual but we would love to hear your thoughts. How important are getting likes on your pictures? Do you like your own pictures? Because in the end the only like that counts is your own.



Northern Hemisphere – Let’s do a deal

I know those in the Northern Hemisphere laugh at our idea of winter, a bit like we laughed at their heatwave. The problem here in South Africa is that our houses are just not equipped for winter. They are designed for the long hot summer days. Brick walls, big single glazed windows, open plan, and believe me we appreciate them in summer. Winter however is another story, we don’t have central heating. A few people might have a fire place but that is usually it.

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Red Cross Children’s Hospital Burns Unit Charity Drive

Last year Rachel cut off all her hair to donate for a cancer wig, we blogged about it here she raised R4693 too for the cost of the wig making – look how cute she looks here in our thank you blog post

She won a Lead SA May youth hero award for this, and this year she is at it again.

Rachel as part of her ambassadors course with the Chaeli Champaign needs to get involved and help a charity or cause. We decided to contact the Red Cross Children’s Hospital Burns Unit and see what we could do.

I visited them on 4 February 2015, (Rachel could not go with me this time as no under 16 are allowed in the acute burns unit,) to find out what they need. I met with Chantel from the Hospital Trust who was very helpful in arranging the meeting and showing me around the hospital. We then went to see the doctor on the burns unit to find out exactly what they need.

In the ward they need:
Toiletries packs for the moms and kids. Most of the burn victims come from rural areas with nothing and hygiene is vital in a burns until to prevent infection. Each mom gets a pack of toiletries for her and her child. The moms do a lot of the help with care.

The pack has soap, washcloth, toothbrush, vaseline, body cream, toothpaste etc in it.


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Girls can’t be astronauts

“Girls Can”  T-shirts available here

Girls can’t be astronauts!” I hear Caleb emphatically telling Rachel. My heart drops and I silently I despair as I realise how far we have to go in gender equality.

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I am a slightly reluctant camper. I did a lot of camping as a kid with Brownies and Guides. We also went camping as as family and in university quite a lot. So I am no stranger to camping I just choose not to do it anymore. When The Geek says he wants to go camping with the kids I tell him to have a nice time, I would rather stay home and knit.

So when Karin asked me to be the camp nurse on the kids nature camp I was dreading the camping part a bit. But it turned out to be a lot more pleasant than expected.

We left Cape Town on the Saturday morning and the first stop was the shooting range. Both Karin and her husband shoot and feel it is important to teach gun safety to children and teach them respect and not fear for a weapon. Stuart gave the kids a very good talk on gun safety and especially what to do if another child tries to show you a gun. Many kids are hurt/killed when showing off or playing with a parents gun. Each child go 2 turns at the target and they all enjoyed it very much
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