Episode 78: Intestines?! Really Rachel

Links to all the months and there details can be found here

Be sure to check out the prizes thread to see what amazing prizes are on offer for this Africa part of the KAL

February thread is where all the action will happen this month and where i will draw some of the prizes from. For this month the only criteria is participation and chatting.

The finished object thread will run from February until June to give everyone time to finish and especially for those who are waiting for yarn from Africa

All my patterns are discounted for the month of February for the KAL you can use the code: wowkal2017 for a 35% discount. (Excluding Phoenix as this is a charity hat)

Prizes that we received this week

Remember to check the prizes thread for a full list of all the prizes but these are the new ones.

– Millicent – these little hands we got some beautiful bags which I can fetch on the weekend at the post office. I am so excited thats she sent some for Rachel and I too. Be sure to try her podcast for more from South Africa: These Little Hands

– Gerlene from South Africa now in Ireland sponsored some lovely prizes that she is going to post from Ireland at the end of the KAL

– We got a beautiful sock yarn blank from Be Inspired which was dyed by Yarn Snob. Check out the website for sock blanks and other wonderful yarn from South Africa, including the Miss La Motte I showed last week

What am I working on? Knitting spent time in the naughty corner this week

I am making socks for The Geek out of the yarn that I gave him for Christmas it is Nurturing Fibres Mo Sock base in these beautiful Greens and Blues. I added the heel too soon and I had to frog them. I am using the German short row heel method but the Fish Lips Kiss heel pattern is well worth it not only for the heel information but all about where to put the heel for a perfect fit

I decided to call these socks Schrodingers socks after the Thought Experiment by Schrodinger. We don’t explain it very well but it has to do with the cat being dead and alive at the same time. Wikipedia does a better job of explaining it.

I frogged back on the sleeves of the Opera sweater and made then narrower. I am now much more happy with them. I added the icord neck and this is now a FO!

We hope you enjoyed this episode and if you are new to our podcast please come and say hello and join the KAL

Happy Knitting

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