Episode 77: Welcome to Africa #wowkal2017

It is the beginning of February so that means that the Wonders of the World KAL has come to Africa!

Links to all the months and there details can be found here

Be sure to check out the prizes thread to see what amazing prizes are on offer for this Africa part of the KAL

February thread is where all the action will happen this month and where i will draw some of the prizes from. For this month the only criteria is participation and chatting.

The finished object thread will run from February until June to give everyone time to finish and especially for those who are waiting for yarn from Africa

I released my Organised Chaos Shawl for the KAL
This shawl was knitted in Nurturing Fibres Eco Fusion yarn and Carle has kindly donated a kit of the yarn used in this shawl as a prize for the KAL too

I finished knitting my Savannah Cowl and it is being test knitted at the moment. Rachel and I are going to go the nature reserve to take some pictures of the cowl. I am not sure we will find Savannah here in Cape Town but it is dry enough that we should find something similar.

We wondered if rain in other dry places like Australia smells the same as it does here. There is something about the smell of rain in Africa which is so wonderful. Maybe Clare Devine who has lived in both place can tell us.

All my patterns are discounted for the month of February for the KAL you can use the code: wowkal2017 for a 35% discount. (Excluding Phoenix as this is a charity hat)

Prizes that we received this week

Remember to check the prizes thread for a full list of all the prizes but these are the new ones.

– Michelle from Hartlam has kindly donated 2 skeins of her new St Lucia sock yarn which is a 100% super wash merino singles, in the colourway Mixed Agapanthus

– Aditi is a South African living in France she is Aditofbollywood on Instagram and she donated a wonderful shweshwe bag. This will be posted from France. She sells her bags through Instagram and Etsy ( apologies for getting the Instagram name wrong in the podcast)

Miss La Motte gave us a skein of 100% merino sock wool in the Cliftonesque colourway. Her yarn is available through Be Inspired

– Gina from Natural Yarns runs a wonderful on line shop that stocks a lot of yarn from various South African dyers. This would be a great place to dip your toe into the African pond if you like becasue there is such a variety under one roof. She donated a prize of the own yarn Stellar Fibreworks on the Journey sock base in the colourway Bad Romance. There are some matching buttons and a beautiful Tote bag too

What am I working on?
I am making socks for The Geek out of the yarn that I gave him for Christmas it is Nurturing Fibres Mo Sock base in these beautiful Greens and Blues. I wanted to make a pattern that was both easy and a nod to science and all things Geeky because we are called Pinky and the Geek.

I decided to call these socks Schrodingers socks after the Thought Experiment by Schrodinger. We don’t explain it very well but it has to do with the cat being dead and alive at the same time. Wikipedia does a better job of explaining it.

We hope you enjoyed this episode and if you are new to our podcast please come and say hello and join the KAL

Happy Knitting

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