Episode 75: Flashing Problems

I have been knitting on some really big things so progress has been slow

Vanilla socks are still on the rib of the first sock

The Building Blocks shawl is on section 8 and I am just doing 2 rows a day so that I could start my November sweater. The rows are very long now and I am not going to do the last section. For me it is quite wide enough now. I am enjoyed the mystery, it really got me out of my comfort zone.

The sweater that I decided to do was the Opera sweater. I have done the top in mustard and it all went well. The drama started with the brown. I got a big flash across my chest even though I was alternating yarn. We have a plan that might help to fix it. So much for a quick sweater.

Rachel has been doing some ink pen drawings and some spinning.

Thanks for watching
Happy Knitting

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