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dsc_3785-copyI was invited to attend a KFC Add Hope event last week as part of World Hunger Month. I decided to take Rachel with me as she likes to be actively involved in charity work and I always want my kids to know how privileged they are and that their responsibility is to help others.
I have never been to bed hungry.  Neither have my children. But there are so many that have known an ache in their belly that I will never understand. We use phrases like ” I am starving” so flippantly but for many it is a daily reality.
KFC Add Hope program helps to feed some of these hungry kids. During this roadshow around SA they wanted to highlight where the money goes and that the beneficiaries large and small are really benefiting.

We all know that despite our desire to help with charity drives there is often a small niggling part of us worrying about if the money is really going to the right places.



KFC’s Add Hope – now in its seventh year – has found a powerful way to unite staff and customers in the fight against hunger. Relying on the power of a R2 donation being added at KFC tills and contributions from KFC, Add Hope has raised over R263 million since inception and partners with 110 non-profit organisations to feed over 110 000 children every day across the country, helping them learn, grow and thrive. With World Hunger Month coming up in October, KFC continues to shine a spotlight on hunger issues in Africa and the beneficiary organisations it supports. “Add Hope raised a total of R4.5 million during World Hunger Month 2015 and we’d like to raise even more this year.” says KFC Chief Marketing Officer for Africa Mike Middleton. “The more donations we receive, the more children we can sustainably feed.” 

In the second leg of their World Hunger Month roadshow, Add Hope visited Home of Hope in Tableview, Cape Town with local media and KFC team members from surrounding stores. The day began with an introduction from resident social worker, Bianca Breytenbach on the home and the kind of children they support. Home of Hope specialises in supporting children who have been affected by Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), a condition developed by a mother consuming alcohol during pregnancy which results in various disorders. Home of Hope houses children ranging from new-borns to 18 year olds, who are fed three nutritious meals and two snacks daily at their Table View home. Guests were then entertained by beautiful singing and dancing from the children and were then shown a tour of the grounds where they were able to see where the children live, sleep, learn and play.

Home of Hope is one of the smaller beneficiaries and uses the money to feed the children they have in their care home as well as those attending their school. We went to visit them along with some of the staff from KFC. They felt it was important to show the staff who ask people to Add Hope to their bill just where the money was going so they could answer questions and help with being transparent and accountable for the funds.



Rachel on lettuce chopping duty

Due to the child protection act most of the children’s faces can not be shown in the pictures. But we had a wonderful time learning about the home and how they help these kids. They use the money from Add Hope to focus on sugar and preservative free food for their kids as this helps them with the concentration and ADHD type symptoms that many of them have as a result of FAS. We firstly helped prepare the food, cut apples and salad.

There was a jumping castle and a braai for the kids too. They sang and danced for us and I even got my hair plaited like Elsa.

I think that showing where the money goes and highlighting the beneficiaries is a great way to show their commitment to feeding children and tackling hunger. Well done KFC





The statistics on hunger in South Africa are alarming. The South Africa Early Childhood Review 2016, produced by the UCT Children’s Institute, reveals that over a fifth of children under five suffer from stunting, a condition where children do not reach their full height potential due to chronic malnutrition. “To develop into his or her full potential, every child needs regular balanced nutrition,” says registered dietitian Abby Courtenay. “At school, hungry children are unable to concentrate. Besides the disastrous impact on a child’s education, other long term consequences include; a weakened immune system resulting in frequent illness and an increased risk of chronic disease later in life. What is important to remember is that the long term effects of malnutrition in children are irreversible if not addressed immediately, making this an urgent matter for the future health and wellness of our nation.”



During World Hunger Month, Add Hope will be taking staff on Tours of Hope to some of the 110 organisations that partner with Add Hope, including The Home of Hope in Cape Town, The Epworth Children’s Village in Johannesburg and St. Monica in Durban. “It’s so important for us to drive awareness of food security issues in South Africa and show people how their Add Hope donation changes lives. That awareness really starts with our own teams,” says KFC Chief Marketing Officer for Africa Mike Middleton. “We know that our employees are proud of our involvement in giving back to the community, and they also have an important role to play in encouraging people to donate. Children in their communities are benefiting from Add Hope, in some cases, even their own children.”

Add Hope has been partnering with a growing number of organisations for the last seven years, ensuring that every cent donated goes towards feeding children. “All the Add Hope beneficiaries provide healthy and balanced meals, mostly at crèches and through school feeding programmes,” says Middleton. “A meal provides an incentive for children to attend school, improving attendance and concentration.”
Middleton says the collaboration between KFC and its customers is vital in fighting hunger and the total donated to beneficiaries increases every year, with a large portion contributed by KFC.

Middleton highlights that customers can donate any amount, all year round, in KFC restaurants or via the KFC website. “Add Hope is a very real way that people can make a difference. Your donations help us to provide essential nutrition, growing an educated, healthy, and winning generation and filling them with hope for a brighter future,” says Middleton. “Unite with us to help children thrive.”

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