Ep 68: The week of washcloths

Sharon pointed out to me that my editing was not as good as usual and I managed to leave in a whole part that should be cut. Haha well you get to see me being a mom.

I have new glasses 🙂
For our 67 Minutes of service for we got this years washcloth packs ready for Rachel to deliver the next day.

Finished Objects

I did 6 wash cloths using the Grandmothers favorite pattern for the burns unit
Rachel crocheted 2 cloths
The hats I did were just made up out of my head. I usually cast of a number divisible by 8 for a nice crown decrease.

If you want to read more about the burns unit the Phoenix Hat links to the videos and all the details of the charity we support.

Works in Progress
My socks with the contrast toe in Yarn Stash sock yarn are no further than they were due to having the rip back the heel.

Rachel is still working on her cowl, and socks that have been taking all year!!

She did some more spinning with her Countess Ablaze fibre in the Geeks love Rainbows too colourway

In my fantasy knitting I am dreaming of casting on my yoga leg warmers in the Opal Neon FluroMania yarn.


We got a fantastic parcel from MariKnitsToo it was such fun to open and see the wonderful things she sent for the burns unit and for Rachel and myself. Thank you so much it was very much appreciated.

We could not have given the support we do to the burns unit without you guys.

Next week we hope to have some more exciting projects for you to see


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