Ep 67: H.A.P.P.Y

The holiday messed with our podcasting schedule a bit but we have finally recorded and drawn the prizes for the Opposites KAL. Thank you to everyone who entered.

Prize winners:

Bag from WoolDiaries yarn bling shop goes to ladyintn48

Aplaca I got at the open day goes to PPXman

Notions pouch and chocolate from DeVillers Chocolate goes to Ewesyouryarn

Winners of a pattern from my Ravelry store: YarnPoetry and elejay who are both so quick that they have watched and contacted me before I even got these notes up 🙂

My kingfisher Opal socks are finally finished
My only other FOs are 2 charity hats for the Burns Unit
I also did a bit of visible mending on my jeans which was quite fun
Rachel sewed a top with Granny and is planning some more sewing projects.


New socks and this time I am trying a contrast toe for the first time. The yarn was from Krimpvarkiez for my birthday and is from yarnstashpmb

My blanket is on going

The rest of what I have been knitting is all swatches and ideas for a new collection with cowgirlblues

Barn Raising squares from Sally which Rachel seems to be claiming.
I got some My First Regia from Sally for contrast toes to knit sock for the PearlofthePacific KAL swapping yarn with a friend.
I got lots of lovely tea to try from Sally.

My swap parcel from TattyTeddy was amazing and I love my cushion.

We got some parcels for the charity collection
Keekbell sent so many fantastic washcloths, that were really really needed as we were a bit short of washcloths this year. She also sent lovely hats as well as gifts for both Rachel and I which was so kind – thank you very much.

Thanks for watching

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