Ep 65: Breaking the only rule

Finished Objects
The brand new day song I was thinking of was by Sting but I found one by Joshua Radin which I actually really like.

The 2nd version of the shawl is finished and the testers are busy working away on their own versions. I am loving how different and wonderful they all are. Hopefully the pattern will be out soon. Rachel and I took some lovely photos, she is really quite photogenic.

I joined the Mother’s Day cast on that the Prairegirls do on Instagram, and broke the only rule. You are supposed to make something for yourself, but the more I knitted it the more it looked like it needed to be for my friend who I wanted make a gift for. She is a mother so I hope it is not too terrible that I broke the rule.

Wooldiaries and I both knitted a pattern by The Yarniad
mine was the Starshower I used Natural Dye studio yarn 55% BFL, 45% Silk 100g; 400m/437yards it was one of the yarn of the month from their yarn club 22/08/2011. I really love the pattern and yarn combination.
My note for the pattern was to knit the whole thing inside out after I had joined in the round. I just switched the knit and purl rows around on the section I was supposed to knit on the RS. This saved wrapping and turning because I am lazy 🙂

I finished a row on my sock yarn blanket and I particularly like the watermelon square which was a mini skein from my friend Krimpvarkiez

Works in Progress
Rachel is making some progress on my Orange sock, she is using 9″ chiagoo circulars

I am working on the Kingfisher colourway of the Opal Rainforest collection that I got in the Christmas swap from Indiyarnajones. I can see that there is going to be a fight for who gets these socks in the end.

The heel is from the White Sandy Beach socks by Pearl of the Pacific

My socks are in the bag Jennyvonsocks made for me in the flower swap. It is the perfect size and I love it.

I am making a Cape Point Shawl for the magic swap as this time we need to knit something for our partner. I am doing very different colours this time.
This project is in my Toadstool bag from Wooldiaries – Yarn Bling

Rachel is knitting the Seeds of change shawl by QuilterCaroline in Nurturing fibres peace rose.

Over to you

YarnPoetry Sarah said that thicker weight sock yarn is very common in German and I am officially jealous, although she did offer to post some for me with a parcel she is sending Rachel for her charity. I need to get The Geek to choose some and then order it to her house. Yay

Flowerfountain asked which stretchy bind off i use. I do the k2tog bind off and there is a tutorial by VeryPink

The other stretchy bind off that a lot of people use is Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off

HillTurtle asked about learning to do magic loop
I still think that finding someone to show you is the easiest but if you don’t have someone then You Tube is a great resource

Here is one by VeryPink

Here is a Craftsy Blog post Tutorial on Magic Loop

Very Detailed Photos Tutorial from Heidi Bears on Magic Loop

Clare Devine’s Sock Antomy Book is a good place to start when learning to knit socks

Rachel says we should have a challenge to knit socks different from how we would normally do them. So I would have to so cuff down, heel flap and gusset and on dpns. Maybe we will have a KAL later in the year.

Don’t forget the opposites KAL for now.

Thanks for watching and happy knitting

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