Ep 64: We want Alpacas

Star wars day was on the 4th of May and we celebrated with a day of crafts and watching Star Wars Movies. I am very jealous of Wooldiaries who is knitting some R2D2 socks from Must Stash Yarn

Works in Progress

I started my Kingfisher colourway socks from the Opal Rain Forest series.

I am thinking of doing the heel from the White Sandy Beach socks

I knitted on my
Ariel in Vamp Red by Yarn Stash. It was hibernating for a while and it felt good to work on it again. I love the yarn very much.

I am knitting on my 2nd shawl for the pattern I am designing. This time I am using Hartlam All Day sock 100% BFL 600m/150g in the Run the Gauntlet and Wild at Heart colourways

If anyone who like to be a tester please PM me on Ravelry or leave me a message.

Rachel is working on some mini batts from Bakewell Hearts

Her opal cowl is moving very very slowly

We went to an Alpaca open day. A friend I met on the internet brought us an unprocessed fleece and we are playing with washing and cleaning it. Rachel also got to try out spinning on a wheel which she really loved. (The Elastic Mom)

Finished Objects
Rachel figured out Navajo Plying on a spindle and is really liking this as a way to ply her yarn. She has plied some of her little rolags and half of the yarn that she got from Emilia Fibre from Enchanted Knoll Farms Bliss 65 Superwash merion and 35 tussah Silk in Oasis Colourway

Sally: I finished my Fjord socks, it was so quick to knit them on a 3mm needle. I need more thicker sock yarn!

My shawl is finished and I love how it turned out. The yarn is from Twisted Fibre art It is an evolution dye method on Muse base in Blaze colourway.


Sarah Hepworth gifted me the Duchess of Devonshire shawl pattern – Thank you Sarah

Gina sent Rachel a lovely parcel. The bag is lovely and she has already been using it. She loves all the notions and gifts. The little phoenix hat is so lovely.


Wooldiaries is running a Raindrops Shawl KAL in her group

Yarnderwoman and I are running the Opposites KAL again this year so come and enter your opposite inspired projects.

Thanks for watching and happy Knitting

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