Ep 60: The perfect pompom with Clare Devine

I am very excited to share my good friend Clare with you all. She is an inspiration to me and a great support. I hope you enjoy our informal chat.

Sock Anatomy was Clare’s first collection


Ginger Twist Studios – Jess for Tea Collection and now the Neighbourhood sheep society.

Knitting Goddess sock club


Clare and I are making a Washi dress

Clare made a few Banting tops from her Merchant and Mills workbook

Clare made some Purl Soho – City Shorts for her daughter

Clare was talking about doing the Me made May challenge, here are the details if you are interested

Clare and I visited Cowgirl Blues and will both have some collaborations coming out soon.

Clare got some merino lace singles to make a May cardigan by Bristol Ivy (her designer crush)

Over to you

KrimpvarkieZ asked about DIY blocking wires

I have some knit pro blocking pins that Sally got for me at I Love Yarn in Pretoria

Blocking Wires

Welding Rod info from Another Long Yarn, she says: “Welding wire. Stainless steel welding wire, the kind for TIG welding. The kind that has no flux coating. You won’t find it at most big box hardware stores, you need to find a welding supply shop”

Pom Pom Making

Jess is the Queen of Pom Poms but in her absence we had some crazy fun
Clover pompom maker

I made a pompom for my Cornice Hat by Woollywormhead.

Fibre pompom idea from Zoe Queen of Purls

Types of yarn that felt well
US: Cascade
UK: Drops Eskimo
SA: Roving yarn from Woolhogs

My Cornice is from Handspun Suzanne Campbell Island Handspun Yarns, Snath

Melski – did one handed knitting

Anyone know someone who knits with their toes?

Woolful 52 weeks of wool

Clare suggests that I make Rachel an Everyday Brew

Where to find Clare
If you want to know more about Clare and her knitting Journey here is her interview on the Tangled Yarn Blog

Clare’s website: Yarn and Pointy Sticks
Instagram @clare.devine
Her designs on Ravelry: Clare Devine

Thanks for watching

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