How to: Natural chemical free way to remove glue from glass bottles

I love upcycling glass bottles to to used for; gifts, storage or in my pantry.


My favoutite are the Douwe Egberts coffee jars with the sealing lid.

The glue that is used to stick labels on is often hard to remove. I have tried; hot water and soap, HandyAndy- cream type cleaner and other chemical solvents. But the glue often still does not come off, or worse smears on the glass. This is not ideal if you want to use them as a gift and i did not like all the chemicals.


Here is a great chemical free way to remove the glue. When I first heard about this tip I was skeptical, if all these other things did not work how was this going to do the trick? But I was pleasantly surprised. The key is patience, I nearly wrote this off as not working because I did not wait the 30 minutes. So without further rambling here it is

You will need:
Oil – I used olive oil
Bicarbonate of soda/Baking soda


That is all! Yip just those 2 and chances are that most people have them in the pantry anyway.

Mix about a Tablespoon of Bicarbonate of Soda/Baking soda with enough oil to make a thick paste. You want to be able to smear it onto the glue without it all running off.

Smear onto the places where you have glue stuck on the glass jar. Rub around the area using the course Bicarb to give it a good rub, but do not expect it to all come off now. This was my impatient mistake the first time

Now comes the hard part, wait for 30 minutes.
Then rub the areas again and rinse with hot water and soap to remove the oil and Voila!


Next time I will show you some of the things that I like to put into the jars.

Happy Crafting

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