Episode 55: Return of the Squirrels

Caleb joins me today and we do a follow up to our squirrel episode

Thank you so much to everyone that sent us sound clips and videos

Susanne – smyles1
Lynda – daisyknitter
Mimi – mimiteacher
Rebecca – hickorie
averil – alifeofherown
Rav – hickorie
Patricia – pxxman
Stephanie – bagfullofcrochet

Germans trying to say Squirrel in English

Canadians trying to say squirrel in German

Finished Objects
Caleb has the only FO, a hat that he took to England on his trip. It was a made up beanie pattern in One of a Kind gradient yarn, that Sally gave to him.

Works in Progress

Kiddy Vertebrae: I finished the back. Now for the sleeves and the front band. I love the way the colours on this are coming out.

Caleb is knitting Clare Devine’s Liquorice hat

I am still knitting the Sylvi but it is making progress


Our December yarn was Christmas Holly from Yarn Stash and a lovely project bag from Sally. I can’t believe that we have managed to keep up with knitting sock each month the whole year. We rock!

My SA swap group partner sent me a wonderful christmas swap parcel. Thank you Indiyarnajones for all the lovely things and for sending me such nice things from your local area.
I got Opal yarn and Linda’s Treehouse yarn.

Rachel’s partner is Krimpvarkiez my friend Elaine and she sent me a wonderful bag and goodies, as well as hedgehogs for the boys and me and lego hats for the boys. Thank you Elaine.

Thanks for watching
Happy knitting

One thought on “Episode 55: Return of the Squirrels

  1. The squirell part is hilarious…as a native (Swiss-)German speaker I hope my pronunciation is somewhat better than what I heard in the youtube movie 😉

    Can’t wait to meet you in a couple of weeks…make sure you got room for chocolate 😉

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