Northern Hemisphere – Let’s do a deal

I know those in the Northern Hemisphere laugh at our idea of winter, a bit like we laughed at their heatwave. The problem here in South Africa is that our houses are just not equipped for winter. They are designed for the long hot summer days. Brick walls, big single glazed windows, open plan, and believe me we appreciate them in summer. Winter however is another story, we don’t have central heating. A few people might have a fire place but that is usually it.


In Cape Town you may ask do we have snow? No
Do we have frost? No
Below zero temperatures? No

Why all this moaning about the cold? Well since are houses are designed to keep things cool this is what they do, even in winter, no one tells them to be less enthusiastic in winter, they carry right on being cool, cold, icy even. Being cold inside is not fun. You can never escape. I have been cold since May, all day everyday and I am over it!!

Thank goodness I am a knitter and can cover myself from head to toe in hats, shawls, cowls, socks and sweaters. But just to get personal, besides my hands being constantly cold, my bum is always cold! I draw the line at knitted pants although maybe Stephen West is onto something – maybe I need some Sports or Thighlighters

When the heatwave *giggle* struck England and everyone moaned, it was clear that they are not designed for summer. So let’s trade, you guys have winter – you can keep warm with your double glazing and central heating and we will keep summer with our open plan and cool houses.


5 thoughts on “Northern Hemisphere – Let’s do a deal

  1. No thank you, you can keep your blooming winter! We have knitwear weather at some point during EVERY month of the year, and consistently needed October-May usually. I wouldn’t wish away my 5 days (joking, mostly) of summer for anything!

    • I remember waiting for summer all year in England and the actual warm sunny days being very few. Maybe a total of a few weeks. I never got used to it. We get months of sun so perhaps you can keep it a little longer.

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