Episode 44: My Parcel

This is just a short episode

For anyone having You Tube copyright issues, this video really helped me

Finished Objects

Rachel finished one sock for Titus, she is using 2 strands of Opal Hundertwasser. The pattern is adpated from Debs Super simple socks

Works in Progress

Rachel: has just started on her second sock for Titus.

Sally-Jane: I am nearly finished my first White Sandy Beaches Sock in Elle sock wool 80/20 which I dyed.

Working on a scarf/collar that my MIL linked on my FaceBook page. This is the original web link Beautiful knit scarf
The pattern is translated from Russian I believe and is not easy to understand but looking at the picture it is not too difficult.
The Ravelry link is here
I am using mohair and some other unknown yarn held 3 together.

Rachel got a really lovely parcel from Alene, thank you for spoiling her so much.

Happy Knitting

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