Fire & Ice Milkshakes – thank you Zomato

A milkshake is a milkshake right?
So what makes the legendary milkshakes at The Fire & Ice so amazing?
And are they worth the hype?

The Geek, the Pinklets and I went to find out, we took this mission very seriously and Titus even wore a hat
DSC_0859 copy

The sheer variety of mouth watering options is nearly overwhelming. No ordinary Strawberry, Chocolate or Vanilla here. Rather let your taste buds be tantalised with milkshakes made with Ferro Roche, Turkish Delight, Lemon Meringue, Espresso, Kit-Kat, Rooibos, Oreos, Peaches and Cream and more


DSC_0869 copy

DSC_0856 copy

I was lucky enough to be able to use my Zomato voucher that I won at the Cape Town Bloggers Meetup, these are always great fun and a chance to network and hang out with some wonderful women. Zomato is an app used to review and search for restaurants in your area, if you like eating out this is a must. It even tells you which places are open during load shedding which is a must in South Africa, you don’t want to be on a special candlelit diner and be plunged into darkness, well maybe you do actually. But imagine being out to dinner with 3 kids and trying to keep them all quiet and contained, you are desperately to pretend that you can control the kids and that saying “Use your inside voice” will help. Your goal is to prevent the rest of the restaurant patrons from wanting to book immediate sterilisation. To be plunged into darkness at this point would be a disaster.

Thank you very much Zomato and Fire and Ice, I can highly recommend going and trying the amazing variety of luxurious milkshakes, these are well worth the hype.


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