Episode 40: Opposites

Rachel is back and it is nice to podcast with her again

I went for a wonderful Rain Spa massage

Elephant walk: Come with us to the plains of Africa and share the rhythm of the elephant! Our massage technique used here is inspired by the elephant’s walk. As you lie down and let your body grow heavy, you will feel the imaginary sensation of an elephant walking over your body as your therapist uses a calabash to apply firm pressure up and down your muscles, followed by pressure pounding. With each phase of the massage, you will feel the deep pressure begin to release the tension in your muscles. Next you will feel the warming sensation of the African sun being poured over your body in the form of our Rain Massage Candle! Made with cocoa butter and Ghanaian shea butter, it melts deeply into your skin carrying omegas,antioxidants and plant actives into your dermis and epidermis. You will then experience a technique using a unique hammer and chisel, designed to tap into your muscles and release the last bit of tension that might still be there. It sends a vibration into your muscles and allows the toxins to be broken down. Blissful pure relaxation is the inevitable end result.

It was an amazing experience and I will blog all about it this week

Finished Objects
1) Phoenix Hat x2 which is my new pattern
The one is with Ginger Twist, Sheepish sock, 80% Superwash bfl and 10% Nylon in the Je Suis Prest colourway from Outlander
The other is a slightly thicker sock weight and is a Pink Nurturing Fibres supertwist sock yarn

2) Another Logcabin square

3) My May socks which are from Electric Carnation in her twinkle sock base in the Autumn Surprise colourway. You can pre order it on Etsy
South Africa: Electric Carnation on Hello Pretty
Overseas: Electric Carnation on Etsy
FaceBook: Electric Carnation

4) Rachel finished Pippin’s dog sweater for The Yarnderwoman pop culture kal, the pattern was Perfect fit dog sweater

5) Rachel finished spinning from the fibre TinyGiraffe sent her

Works in Progress

Rachel: More spinning for Rachel
Her Granny Square blanket
Her arm warmers from Sally are finnally getting ribbing

Pink Hair Girl: My Sock yarn blanket got a bit more love, it is squared off again, ends are sewn in. I added squares from Stumpy01 Julia

June socks in the Youth Day colourway from Hartlam
Read about the history of Youth Day here from Wikipedia – Soweto Uprising

White Sandy Beaches by Lucia Pane – I feel in love with this pattern even though I mostly knit vanilla socks.
I started with 72sts on 2.25mm Elle Sock Yarn that I dyed but I think the fabric is not tight enough. I am going to redo it with a 2mm needle – yikes, never knitted socks on a 2mm before.

I am knitting the StarShower cowl pattern that I got from Emilia as a birthday present
I am using Natural Dye Studio Dazzling 4ply 55% British Blue Faced Leicester 45% silk

Sylvi finally got some more love and a sleeve is done. I am still a little unsure of size because of using a different weight yarn. I am using Stylecraft Special Aran with wool.

Most of you voted for me to make a hat with the Alpaca and now I can’t find anyone to wear it!

Knit alongs

The Winter is coming shawl KAL is coming to an end soon so hurry if you want to get your shawl in before it closes. The yarn from Twisted Fiber Art is amazing. I have loved seeing all the shawls and am really loving the gradient ones.
This KAL ends on 21 June

Opposite KAL
Melinda The Yarnderwoman and I are having an opposites KAL

Melinda from the YarnderWoman podcast and I have decided to do a KAL together. Being in the Southern Hemisphere we are often opposite to the rest of the knitting world in terms of season and weather. When people are knitting spring colours we are thinking about Autumn/Fall

So this KAL is celebrating all that is opposite. To enter you need to make any project that fits the opposite theme. Some ideas:

I am knitting cuff down socks as I usually knit toe up. Melinda is knitting toe up, so the KAL hosts are even opposite 🙂 how cute are we?
Knit/crochet/spin in a colour opposite to what you would normally use
Use a construction opposite to your normal, bottom up, top down, hat knitted sideways etc.
Do a craft you don’t usually do, knit if you normally crochet or crochet if you normally knit
Knit a pattern from opposite side of the world
Use yarn from opposite side of the world
Knit for the opposite season
I am sure you guys can think of more ideas.
Rules: we will each have our own rules
1) KAL runs from June to end July 2015
2) be a member of Pink Hair Girl Group
3) post your FO in the FO thread with no chatter
4) wips are accepted
5) projects must be finished in June or July 2015
6) winners will be randomly drawn, I will announce on my podcast as earburn you, you then have 30 days to claim your prize.
7) prizes for FO and chatting
8) extra entry for using a pattern or yarn from Southern Hemisphere, just post your FO in 2 separate posts so you get 2 entries. So one entry for your opposite theme, one entry for the yarn/pattern (or 3 if you do all 3)
9) knitting, crochet or spinning all accepted.

To be announced

I got my winter accessory swap parcel from Michelle
She spun yarn and knitted me a hat, I am so touched that she spun the yarn for me. I know what an effort it is to spin from watching Rachel – Thank you so much Michelle

I am doing a FitBit challenge with Andre and Cara

Have a great week everyone Thanks for watching
Happy Knitting

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