Elephant Walk at Rain Spa

Ever wonder what it feels like to have a tiny Elephant walk across your back?
Or what the warm African sun would feel like if it was poured on to your skin?

I had the privilege of going to Rain Africa Spa in Cavendish to find out.

images I met Ronel from Rain at the Cape Town Bloggers meetup, I was so impressed with the company ethos of handmade, organic and fairtrade, that I had to find out more about the company. I was very interested to hear about the ladies in the community that they help support who do knitting and crochet for them.

Ronel offered that I come for an Elephant Walk Massage at their Cavendish branch and then a chance to chat to her afterwards about what she does and about the crafting ladies that they help. This is how they describe the massage:

Come with us to the plains of Africa and share the rhythm of the elephant! Our massage technique used here is inspired by the elephant’s walk. As you lie down and let your body grow heavy, you will feel the imaginary sensation of an elephant walking over your body as your therapist uses a calabash to apply firm pressure up and down your muscles, followed by pressure pounding. With each phase of the massage, you will feel the deep pressure begin to release the tension in your muscles. Next you will feel the warming sensation of the African sun being poured over your body in the form of our Rain Massage Candle! Made with cocoa butter and Ghanaian shea butter, it melts deeply into your skin carrying omegas, antioxidants and plant actives into your dermis and epidermis. You will then experience a technique using a unique hammer and chisel, designed to tap into your muscles and release the last bit of tension that might still be there. It sends a vibration into your muscles and allows the toxins to be broken down. Blissful pure relaxation is the inevitable end result.

I arrived and was shown into the little room at the back of the shop, what a hidden gem, you would never know that this amazing room of relaxation was waiting just there. The lighting was dim and the room was warm which was lovely as it is cold in Cape Town now. The therapist Sylvia was friendly and explained the whole massage to me. How they use the Calabash to “walk” over your muscles and help you relax, so it is not really a baby elephant but this might be for the best!


DSC_0633 copy

You get to choose a massage candle that she lights this becomes the warm african sun that they pour on your skin later for a warm fragrant deeply relaxing massage. These are soya wax candles and feel wonderfully warm when they are poured onto the skin and then massaged in like a massage oil. This is like the warm sun, not hot wax or uncomfortable at all. I think I might need to get one of these candles for The Geek and me 😉

The whole experience starts with a poem and then the sounds of an Africa waterhole help set the mood for this experience. I say experience as it is not like any massage I have had before. I have had treatments in various spa settings but the type massages are usually pretty standard this is however something totally different. Ronel, who was in charge of setting up the Biologie spa range and starting the spa treatment centres, really went out of her way to create a unique experience which is truly African, you feel like you have been part of something different and for those moment transported to another world. The clever use of Calabashes, the warm candle wax, the wooden hammer and chisel are what help to make this so memorable and different.

After the massage as you begrudgingly return to reality, Sylvia put a tray out for me with a Ice Tea labeled Drink, a packet of dates and almonds covered in dark chocolate called Eat, a small bottle of Eucalyptus oil smelling salts for you to smell to clear your sinus after lying face down for the massage, labeled Smell . There is also a take home gift!
DSC_0635 copy
DSC_0894 copy

After the massage I had a coffee and a wonderful chat with Ronel, she told me all about starting the Biologie Spa Range and a bit more about the company and their ethos and the wonderful way they support their staff, train them and help them grow. As someone who was involved in training and community work I really felt we had a connection, it was great to hear her experience and their vision.

This company is going places, their dedication to their staff and to staying true to their ethos is wonderful. Exciting times lie ahead for this company as they expand across South Africa and even overseas.

If you are looking for a magical African Experience go for one of the treatments at their spas here in Cape Town and Swellendam. Keep an eye out for more opening soon.

Rain Spas info

9am to 5pm Monday to Friday
9am to 4pm Saturdays
11am to 3pm Sundays
Bookings can be made on +27 (0) 28 514 1737

Open daily from 9am – 7pm.
Bookings can be made on +27 (0) 21 674 5618

3 Glen Rd Sea Point, Cape Town
Open daily from 9am – 9pm.
Bookings can be made on +27 (0)21 439 0086

If you are not lucky enough to live in Cape Town then their products are available at a few shops around SA or shop online both in South Africa and America. The products available in the shop are exquisite, the attention to detail and all the handmade touches are incredible. One of the products I love is the handmade soap that has the artisan who made the soaps name on it, I love that personal touch.




Rain on line shop :
South Africa

I bought a Mustard and Ginger Detox Bath Soak to try at home and I will review it soon.


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