A-Z knitting – B is for Bag

Today B is for bag, now while for a lot of women this may imply a lovely, fancy, expensive handbag for a knitter this has to be a project bag. Who am I kidding, it never stops at one bag, so make that bagS

There was a time when my projects far outnumbered the number of project pages that I had. The situation was rather dire, in fact there may have even been a few cases where some of my project were in plastic shopping bags – gasp, shock horror!!


My first project bag I ever owned was given to me in a swap by Gugs, she made it herself and it is still a firm favourite. I love the fabric and the style of the bag.

Then I got a few from VikkiV of Strawberry Lane crafts. These simple soft bags are wonderful to tuck inside your handbag and take your knitting out and about with you. The kids each have a couple of these.
This wonderful big bag with a zip top is from ElaineEllaB I know there were some requests for her to sell some of her bags but I am not sure if she has yet. My sock yarn blanket project lives in this one. I love that at the moment it is big enough to hold the blanket and the miniskeins I am working on. I may need another plan as the blanket gets bigger

This lovely Time to Knit bag was in my Christmas swap and was from Gina of Natural yarns and it is an Ann’s Work basket bag. She has a few more on her site. I think I need to get some Afrikaans ones to celebrate being the wife of an Afrikaans husband.

Also at Christmas time I got this fabulous padded and lined bag from Wooldiaries. She made one for me and for each of the kids!! They stand up wonderfully on their own and are a pleasure to knit out of.

In January Sally and I kicked off our year of knitting socks each month to a theme. Each month one of us is responsible for getting the yarn dyed and making or getting a bag for us both. I was first up and I got us these bags from Krimpvarkiez. They are just brilliant for a knitter. I know she was having trouble finding a silk screener again after the lady she used stopped doing it, I hope she finds someone to print them again.

February was Sally’s turn and Rachel and I got lovely bags. Mine is the pink one of course and Rachel’s is the sweet yellow one, Rachel loves yellow. These are fantastic bags, they have interfacing, handles and a drawstring. Sally id opening a bag shop very soon, like in a few days soon. So stay glued to her Yarn Bling site to pick up some fantastic bags, I have seen some of the bags going up as they have been in production and you are going to want to get in there early.


March was my turn and I made these bags from fabric my sister sent me from Ikea. I coloured a few things in green, added some gold and a rainbow

Besides my bag from Gugs all my other bags were all made by other South Africans. And with Sally aka Wooldiaries the WIP Police keeping my number of project in check I almost never run out of project bags, but one can never have too many bags to
choose from. I do occasionally lust after some of the Geek themed fabrics that you can get overseas.

What does your project bag stash look like?
What is your favourite style?

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