Episode 32: The film that ruined my life!

Stay tuned at the end for the film that ruined my life and pictures of the kids at nippers.

Finished Objects

I have only finished 4 knitted Easter Eggs which does not really seem like very much, but after the frogging I did this week at least 4 eggs is something. The pattern is by Linda Dawkins Easter Eggs

Do you think I have time to make a BonBon by Susan Claudino?

Works in progress

Tau by Melanie Berg
Yarn Nurturing Fibres super twist sock yarn, that I have frogged and totally started again.

The Geeks birthday socks are Opal Hundertwasser ands so are Rachel and Calebs socks.
Can you do the FLK heel as an after thought heel? why did I think you could?

I am making the Sylvi for Karin our swim coach and Alexander Technique teacher. I am using StyleCraft Special Aran with Wool

I am most disappointed with with my Hiya Hiya set -what have your experiences been

The Film that ruined my life

We went to the Eco Film Festival in Cape Town

Cowspiracy is the film Rachel and I watched, you can watch it on line through their website. Here is a trailer

It is a film that has really touched me and I hope I have the guts to change.

I was watching Geoff Lawton Permaculture videos and I am going to start using my chickens to help make compost

The Swedish Lad World Project – watch out for The Geek

Thanks for watching
Happy Knitting

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