Red Cross Children’s Hospital Burns Unit Charity Drive

Last year Rachel cut off all her hair to donate for a cancer wig, we blogged about it here she raised R4693 too for the cost of the wig making – look how cute she looks here in our thank you blog post

She won a Lead SA May youth hero award for this, and this year she is at it again.

Rachel as part of her ambassadors course with the Chaeli Champaign needs to get involved and help a charity or cause. We decided to contact the Red Cross Children’s Hospital Burns Unit and see what we could do.

I visited them on 4 February 2015, (Rachel could not go with me this time as no under 16 are allowed in the acute burns unit,) to find out what they need. I met with Chantel from the Hospital Trust who was very helpful in arranging the meeting and showing me around the hospital. We then went to see the doctor on the burns unit to find out exactly what they need.

In the ward they need:
Toiletries packs for the moms and kids. Most of the burn victims come from rural areas with nothing and hygiene is vital in a burns until to prevent infection. Each mom gets a pack of toiletries for her and her child. The moms do a lot of the help with care.

The pack has soap, washcloth, toothbrush, vaseline, body cream, toothpaste etc in it.


They also often need clean clothes so clean T-shirts in all sizes for moms and kids are needed. Even second hand is wonderful. And panties ( knickers) for moms and kids often both come in without.

In the wards with open wounds they can’t have knitwear, but there is an outpatients which sees patients Mon, Wed and Friday and with winter coming up this is where our hats come in. Hats for any any child/young adult that they can give out as needed in the clinic. Something new and handmade is a treat. These kids face isolation and teasing in the community and something warm and handmade reminds them that people care.

Anyone that would like to help with a donation to buy the toiletries please contact me, I will keep a full record of all donation and exactly what we bought, for those in SA for which postage is not such an issue, if you would like to include some toiletries when you post stuff to me that would be fantastic.

I am running a Knit Along on my Pink Hair Girl Ravelry Group with a prizes draw for all the washcloths and Hats knitted for this drive for those that can knit or crochet. For those who do not knit please consider helping with a donation of toiletries or money for us to buy some. We also need T-shirts and panties.

What do you need to do for the KAL??

Knit/crochet a hat in an easy care yarn, think machine washable or easy care in a township/rural setting ( acrylic or blend would be best I think, maybe superwash) in any child size or even adult size as the hospital treats up to 16 years and 16 year boys can have adult size heads

knit/crochet a wash cloth to go into the packs of toiletries

These need to be posted to me.

Post a picture of each item you knitted for the drive here for an entry into the draw

Be a member of the group

Items must be started after 1 Feb 2015 and I will close this thread on 31 March 2015.

Double dipping with other KALs is fine with me as long as they allow it too


Digital copy of Mzansi on my needles

100g Mooiriver Bulky Baby Alpaca from Hartlam ( I loved using this for my Lapsang and I will sponsor the winner to liaise with battlepony and pick a colour they like, then you can reward yourself for charity knitting with an amazing hat for yourself)

Digital copies of each of my hat patterns
Drakensberg Hat

All sales of these patterns during February and March will go to help us buy the toiletries and other goodies for the ward.

If items can be posted to me by end of March (so that they arrive here in April/May please, then we can get them to the clinic for winter.)

An enormous thank you to anyone who takes part in this KAL as I know it involves knitting for others and posting stuff to South Africa for those who are not in the country. Every little bit helps.


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