Gluten Free Party Tips

Rachel has IBS and really struggles with eating wheat and gluten. I have also been cutting out Gluten for health reasons and so when she wanted to go for High Tea again (3rd year in a row) we had to have a rethink.

We decided to have a tea at home for a few of her little girl friends


This is what the menu looked like – for those that might be needing some Gluten Free Party Ideas
These are not sugar free mind you! I still need to work on a party that is gluten free, dairy free and sugar free. Although I am not sure that this is possible.

(apparently the proper French word has 1 ‘o’ and we like being proper here, you know trait with a silent ‘t’ and all)
Mine are not as pretty as the shop ones and they did crack but they tasted yummy. I used a granadilla buttercream icing in the middle to sandwich them together.

Pavlova Topped with cream, berries and granadilla can you tell we might have a granadilla vine that is a bit out of control.

Rainbow Jelly – I have made this so many times I just make it up out of my head but I have linked to a basic tutorial.

Seed Crackers – from Tim Noakes Real Meal Revolution

Crudités – cut up veggies

Marshmallows – shop bought (sorry)
Nougat – Shop bought
Madelines with butter cream or marshmallow fluff topping and home made slightly saleted chocolate chunks
DSC_0652 copy

DSC_0651 copy
Gluten free sprouted quinoa cake – yes you heard right, it was very rich but very yummy

The Madelines and cake were from Goodies with Goodness – a gluten free baker here in Cape Town, she has some great things for those needing to cater for a Gluten Free party. I highly recommend her service.

I did have a few non gluten free things on the table but Rachel just knew to avoid those but the other kids could eat them. My MIL helped me make some sandwiches on Saturday morning and a friend of mine Jenni very kindly brought Mini milktarts and cupcakes

Rachel had planned in her mind that the girls would sit and drink tea at the High Tea at home but in fact they all played outside, helped along by the fact that we have 2 boys and there were a few brothers of some of the girls who came along. They kids had an absolutely fantastic time even though we did not have anything structured for them to do. Sunshine, kids and imaginations is sometimes all you need.



Hope those ideas help anyone else having to cater Gluten Free.
What have you served at a gluten free party?


4 thoughts on “Gluten Free Party Tips

  1. Oops! I just posted my entire comment on someone else’s blog!! LOL!
    I just wanted to say thanks for this – I have a really hard time staying completely gluten free and these ideas are a huge help!

  2. Nephew has celiac – he’s 8 next month, been gluten free for 18 months. My mom and sister are becoming experts at gluten, dairy, sugar and egg free cooking and baking. It IS possible, with a lot of trial and error

    • Goodies with Goodness is so great because she lists what is in everything and it is always sugar and gluten free but you can get egg and dairy free too.

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