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I don’t think Woolhelmia on Ravelry had any idea as to just what a responce she would get when she posted this simple message on the South African group on Ravelry

I am gatecrashing your group to tell you a bit about The Little Yellow Duck Project. I hope you don’t mind too much.

I don’t make a habit of invading other groups but South Africa has come up three times in the past few days in the The Little Yellow Duck Project group so I thought it might be good to try to enlist some support here.

The project is to raise awareness of the need for donors of blood, stem cells and organs. Little yellow ducks are being crafted in a variety of ways then left where people might find them. There are some lovely, fun, ducks which can be seen in the group and on various other social media sites.

So far, over 500 ducks have been reported as found, in 16 countries. There are none in any part of Africa and we would like to rectify that.

South Africa got mentioned not least as being the place were the first heart transplant was carried out. The second mention was by one of our members who was born in South Africa but now lives in Scotland. The third was by Tombliboo (Emma Harris – founder of the LYD project). You might like to read her post and see her photos to learn why she is keen for South Africa to get on the map.

We look forward to meeting some of you in our group.

Not only did we knit, crochet and craft a few ducks but Sally aka Wooldiaries and Carle from Nurturing fibres set up a challenge between the North and South of SA to see who could get the most ducks out into the world. The Challenge started on the first of August and ran for the month. In total between the 2 teams we released 267 Ducks in South Africa in August.

South Africa is now well and truly on the world map of ducks being found and reported. The ducks are left with a tag around their neck encouraging the person to take the duck home and to go to the Little Yellow Duck website to learn about Blood and Organ donation but also to register the duck they found on the world map.

I have donated blood since I was 16, with the years of pregnancy and birth off. It is a cause very close to my heart. I got The Geek donating too and since his brother and sister both needed blood he is now a regular donor.

While the challenge might be over, the need for blood and organ donors continues. Well done to the North team under Woldiaries lead, who won the SA challenge.

If you can craft I encourage you to knit, sew, felt, crochet a duck and leave it out to be found and spread the love.

Rachel and I left our ducks and the Melkbos book shop and pet shop. Our book shop duck has been logged on the world map It is great fun and for an amazing cause.



Gina from Natural Yarns also designed a great South African label for putting on your duck if you make one.

Go make a duck!!!

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