Only old ladies knit!

Why do I knit? I was once told I look like I should be dancing in a night club and not knitting. Was this because I have pink hair and am not an old lady? So why do I knit?

Knitting on Table Mountain

Knitting on Table Mountain

K – Knowledge: because I can. My mother taught me how to knit as a young child. I grew up surrounded by crafts and saw their value as I watched them being created. It all starts with being taught. Sadly so many have a bad start at school and are put off for life. Find the right person to teach you. Once you have the basics, the options are limitless you can just keep adding new skills. The list of things you can make is endless. Learning and challenging our mind is said to keep Alzheimer’s and Dementia at bay – bonus.

N – Never bored: I can’t have idle hands. I can’t just sit and do nothing. When you always have knitting with you, queues, delays at Drs rooms, kids sports practice, even traffic jams all seem less stressful, you can use the time. You get  some control in an otherwise uncontrollable situation. Which is good for stress levels.

I – I  knit so I don’t kill people. I saw this on a tote bag, and it just about sums it up. Life can be frustrating, stressful and hard but the repetitive nature of knitting calms our ‘lizard brain’ as Elizabeth Green Muscleman puts it. Repetitive does not mean boring, some patterns are very complicated, but there is still a rhythm which settles nerves, combats depression, and improves self esteem. I am not patient by nature, people say they are not patient enough to knit, I am not patient enough NOT to knit.

T – Tink: this is the word knit backwards and it is what you do when you make a mistake. You tink back and fix it. Knitting  unlike most things in life is all about 2nd chances. If you don’t like it, pull it out and start again, this is called Frogging (rip-it, rip-it, rip-it) . Made a mistake – tink back, fix it and keep going. Unlike other crafts like sewing, woodwork etc where if you cut it wrong you loose expensive materials, knitting you always get to try again. Knitting is very forgiving  and rewards even beginner perseverance.

T – Time: people often tell me they don’t have time to knit. Yet I can sit and knit half a sock during a bloggers meetup. Because I have very little time, it is imperative that I make time. Time to achieve something. As a home schooling mom surrounded by kids, dogs, dishes, laundry, ironing ( okay I lie, I don’t iron) and housework all day, it is easy to loose who you are and why you are unique. Knitting gives me a tangible achievement, something for me, I had control over something and in the chaos I made something beautiful.
And no my kids don’t just watch TV so I can knit, okay maybe just occasionally 🙂 mostly I knit at night during my down time. It also allows me to spend time with The Geek talking or watching TV together as I can do both.

I – Innovative: synonyms for innovative are new, novel, fresh, unconventional, unorthodox, off-centre, unusual, unfamiliar, unprecedented, avant-garde, experimental, inventive, ingenious; More
advanced, modern, modernistic, ultra-modern, state-of-the-art, futuristic, pioneering, groundbreaking, trailblazing, revolutionary, radical, disruptive, newfangled.
With a simple repertoire of stitches I can create anything I like. I am an ideas person so I can channel my ideas into knitting designs. I can wear hand knitted socks with tights and be a little off-centre.

Knitted socks and Mary-Jane shoes

Knitted socks and Mary-Jane shoes

Sure the yarn for my socks might cost me R120+ and I can get 10 pairs from PnP for that,  but the enjoyment and quality of handmade means my socks are like a beautiful expensive designer handbag while shop bought socks are like plastic bags.

N – New Friends: the support and community from knitting and crochet friends is wonderful. From physical knitting groups, to virtual on line support.
The world of Ravelry forums means there are enough groups that anyone can find a place they feel comfortable. I have made some life long friends across the world, and what ties us together is crafting with a ball of ‘string’ and sticks.

G – Gifts: I can gift my FOs (finished objects) upon someone  I deem knit-worthy. Or I can give them to myself. I never sell my work, you can’t pay me enough for it to have been worth my time. But I will give my time freely to those I feel will appreciate the love, care and time it took to create  This is a small select group but I love making something for someone who will treasure it.

Why do you knit? (crochet)

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  1. New to crocheting and love it so much. Helps to calm my stressful life. Also actually seeing a project through and having a feeling of happiness does wonders.

  2. Therapy, stress-release and distraction. It really does keep my sanity intact and as I mentioned yesterday, is an EXCELLENT conversation starter. which works wonders for an introvert like me.

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