Podcast 8: 67 Minutes

Show notes for Episode 8

Christmas in July

South Africans call a BBQ a Braai, and a lot of people braai at Christmas when it is hot

to read all about our braai traditions there is a wikipedia article on the regional variations on a BBQ, you will see that the part on South Africa is very long, we love to braai

Eggnog – is it really cold????

Lead SA regional awards you can read all the stories here as well as video links to some of the excellent speakers. If you look closely at the auditorium picture you can see me knitting

Sock KAL on Pink Hair Girl Designs group on Ravelry


Sock Anatomy by Clare Devine now with Adult sizes Tarsi-Grande and Brevis-Grande

– Jessemaebee donated Frolicking Feet in the Mandarin and Lime colourway

Incomparable buttons

Fastest needles first prize goes to ElaineEllaB


my KAL socks: Yarn is Hartlam in the Calvinia Sock base 80% Superwash Merino, 20% Nylon in the Splendiferous colourway
Pattern:Indie Burgh Yarn crawl 2014 socks

Lush Cardigan which is doing a touring KAL more details on Shinybees group

Granny Square blanket

Finished Objects

Hats for Mandela Day

More info about the Mandela Day challenge.

Info on the Mowbray Maternity Unit hat drive

Java Purl Top Down Preemie Hat – free on Ravelry

If you want to ask me any questions then there is a questions thread on my group. Don’t be shy.

Thanks for listening
Happy Knitting until next time


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