Growing the pink out?


I am thinking of growing my pink hair out. This is not the first time I have thought this, but I usually chicken out and just redye it. I love my pink hair. It has become part of my identity, but I do wonder if my strawberry blonde hair is still there.

Rachel has hair like mine used to be. I was convinced mine when more brown as I got old but now looking back at photos I am not sure.
This is me when the kids were small


When I first dye it I did streaks like this and I wonder if I should go back to this?


If I am honest I am rather nervous. Pink hair has been my claim at my individuality. I have blogged about my Pink Hair Journey and why I have it. When I started this blog in 2009 this is what I said

So I have pink hair, it is something quite new.  I was saying to a friend how I love it and can’t imagine life without pink hair; it is definitely something here to stay. He asked why and I did not really have a good answer, I said some about just liking it. Well then next day  I looked in the mirror while drying  my hair and I just suddenly thought ‘oh there you are!’

It is just like it reminds me of the me inside, the one hidden for rather a long time now. That passionate person who is a little different, who loves to think, talk, have wild ideas, laugh and just be. It reminds me that I can get there again and that I will be okay. All that from hair colour? Ja it is just what it makes me feel, so while it might be a bit in your face  ‘here I am different’  it is so much more than that. It makes me think of who I am and what I like and restores my slightly battered soul. It reminds me to be true to myself and that deviation from the normal is okay.

Deep thoughts for just hair, but so be it. So the pink stays for the foreseeable future. Besides I also love watching people’s reaction. I love watching people at the best of times, this just makes it more fun.”

Many thoughts are running through my head:

  • I guess I am really scared of being normal.
  • I am known as Pink Hair Girl, I design my patterns under that name. Will it be odd use the name and not have pink hair?
  • Maybe I should just keep some streaks
  • Is growing it out worth the hassle and how horrible hair looks when it is growing out.
  • If I don’t have pink hair who am I?
  • Is it sad that so much of my identity is tied up to my hair?
  • I love that being a bit off center allows people to connect with you in a different way. When they get past the strangeness it helps people let their guard down quicker.

What do you think? Pink to stay or go?

Pink Hair to stay or go?
Stay Pink
Go Natural
Natural with pink streaks

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13 thoughts on “Growing the pink out?

  1. or Pink with white and bkack streaks! Mine are currently red on top and black underneath. I also like to be different.

    *would pink hold in chlorine water?

  2. Wowzers…
    Honestly, I don’t know you any other way and I didn’t recognise you in that top picture at first!
    I can understand how much work it is to keep it pink though, and a change could be fun.

  3. Pink with blonde streaks. OR even blonde with hot pink streaks. I think that there needs to be a fair amount of pink. I actually loved your wedding hair colour.

  4. I never wear a cap hate it and is in the water every day for like 6 hours …. the pink extentions were white in 2 days LOL

  5. I reckon go back to natural. You’ll probably find while it grows out that the identity you thought might be lost has taken root firmly enough that you could dye it any other colour or shave it off entirely and you’d still be Pink Hair Girl… And if you don’t like it once all the pink has grown out, you can just go pink again. 🙂
    Either way, you strike me as someone who knows herself, knows who she is and what she’s about. And you look lovely either way!

  6. Stay pink. I get it. That hair color being your identity. The “you” inside. I don’t want to go back to normal. I like my hair colors portraying my uniqueness. Me being different, outspoken, opinionated Marleen. Everything you say here, I feel about my hair colors as well.

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