Rachel’s Hair Donation

Sometimes my children do things that make me think that I can’t be doing such a bad job at parenting after all.

Rachel has the most beautiful colour hair. People stop her on the street and in the shop to comment on her hair. Mostly telling her not to ever cut it. She loves her hair, and like any little girl loves it long and pretty. So it was quite a surprise to me when she said she wanted to cut it. She does not want to cut it because she does not want long hair anymore but rather she wants to donate it to a child/person with cancer for a wig.

She said that she wants someone who has lost all their hair and might not be feeling as good anymore to be able to feel beautiful again, and that her hair will grow again.

She is slightly terrified of short hair, that she might looking like a boy, that her ears might stick out more noticeably, or that her double crown might make her hair stick up without the long hair to keep them in check. But still she wants to do this more than she is afraid. I am so proud of her courage. I am not sure I was so brave at 9.

I have to say a huge thank you to my friend Claire from Yarn and Pointy Sticks. Claire totaly rocks short hair and was able to chat to Rachel about how it does not matter what other people think, those that love her will always love her and that it will not have anything to do with her hair. She also sent her a link for Emma Watson with short hair. This has really inspired Rachel. She thinks Emma looks pretty with her short hair and it helps that their hair is a similar colour and that Emma also has delicate elven features like Rachel.

Rachel decided that she not only want to cut her hair and send it in for a wig to be made but she also whats to raise the money to cover the costs of the wig being made. I contacted The Cancer Association of South Africa via the email on their website re hair donations

Here was the email reply:

Good morning,
It is so amazing that your daughter wants to get involved.
Her hair is beautiful and it will make a great wig.

The cost to make a human hair wig is between R2000 and R3000.


Kind Regards

Esti Lindner
Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Tel: +27 11 616 7662
Cell: +27 72 529 6082
Fax2Email: +27 86 274 2323

Cancer Association of South Africa – Head Office
Address: 26 Concorde Road West, Bedfordview, 2008
Postal: PO Box 2121, Bedfordview, 2007

I promised to help Rachel try and raise this money. If anyone would like to help her please contact me for the bank details or those from overseas can use my paypal account, please just mark it for Rachel so I know cameronsallyjane (at) gmail.com

I will also donate all the proceeds of my Dragons Hope (designed for my friend with Cancer) pattern for April to Rachel’s hair fund.

We know times are hard for everyone so we were hoping that if people could donate even R5 or R10 every little bit will help. For those that money is too tight ( and I know that feeling) please just tell her that she looks great if you see her, or when I put the pictures up of her hair cut.


8 thoughts on “Rachel’s Hair Donation

  1. I have just gone through chemo and had to wig. In honour of every person that helped. E through my journey I would love to make a donation to this fantastic initiative. Rachel, you are an amazing girl!

  2. My mother received a wig when she was going through chemo and lost all her hair. It truly transformed her confidence, and therefore her whole life during that horrible time. This is a great cause.

  3. Well done Rachel. You have beautiful hair and even when you have donated it your new hairstyle will be fabulous. you have an amzing heart.

  4. You will really help someone cope with their chemo. Well done for being such a caring person, donating your hair and fundraising as well. I’ll help.

    • We have an appointment for Friday and then we will post the after pictures. She has been working on her fundraising

  5. Your daughter has such a good heart (wish there was some adults with her will power)I did see the pics on facebook and I think she looks amazing with short hair too although her long hair was awesum.

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