Caleb’s story


Caleb has quite surprised me. He was struggling with pencil grip and so has never been that keen on writing. One day after Rachel had finished practicing her spelling words on the white board, he surprised me by saying that he want to write a story.

This is how the story starts. He tells me the words and I spell them out for him

I sent the picture to show my parents as I thought it was such a cute start to a story. He loves everything about knights and castles at the moment.

My amazing dad drew him a picture on the computer in paint.
The ancient castle (1)

And so they have now been writing a story together. What an amazing bond these 2 have, and what a wonderful way for a Grandparent to encourage a young child. Caleb is loving the story process. Stay tuned for more episodes. I think he is doing so well for a 6 year old. I have never told him how to write a story, how to create suspense or develop the plot but he seems to be doing a good job on his own. I love the uninfluenced creativity.

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