One a day – Heidi Bears challenge


My good friend and crochet designer HeidiBears makes the most beautiful crochet animals. She sells her patterns over on Ravelry.

I am very new to crochet in fact the African Flower is all that I can make really. I learned just to be able to make Heidi’s beautiful toys. But it take me quite long to make each motif. I started a hippo in April last year when the pattern came out. But it got put aside as work on my book took center stage. I was always knitting, swatching or pattern writing for the book and crochet took a back seat.

Heidi started a challenge at the beginning of the year to crochet or knit one motif or square as part of a modular project. The idea is that by the end of the year you have 365 parts and suddenly a huge project does not seem so daunting. This one a day challenge was perfect. I could just quickly do one and then carry on the rest of the day with other projects and before long the hippo motifs were finished. To be fair I did not have that many to finish.

I am making it for Titus’s birthday next week as he has been loving the headless version since I sewed it together in the beginning but never got around to totally finishing it.


I am now also making one for Rachel and Caleb. Rachel is getting a yellow, orange and red Rhino and Caleb a blue and green Pegasus.

Here are my January motifs. I quite enjoyed taking the pictures on different backgrounds depending where I was or what I was wear.

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  1. Damaria Heidi has a full step by step picture instructions on how to make the African flower on her blog. After a few tries it is not too hard

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