Dear Thandile Sunduza you are beautiful


I don’t know you and I am just a little person. Well, not in stature, as I am nearly 6 feet tall, but in terms of influence. I don’t like politics and I have to admit that before this fiasco, I did not even know who you were. While I ignore most of the political stuff that goes on, one thing I cannot ignore, is a woman being treated badly.

I think you are beautiful. The photos of you laughing are so full of joy. You obviously take pride in being a little less ordinary, and not to just blend in. As someone with pink hair, who many, I am sure, think is ridiculous, I applaud this attitude. I don’t really care what your dress looked like, or if it was a fashion boo-boo. What I care about is the way people tore you apart. The things people said and the ‘funny’ cartoon comparisons were nothing more than ugly bullying.

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