Big Plans, Big Move


Some of you may have seen on Facebook that we have decided to make a big move. This has been a very long decision in the making.

Why move when we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world?
I will admit that Cape Town is one of the prettiest places I have stayed, and after 4 years we are starting to feel really settled. So why think of moving now?

I have always had this crazy dream to travel around Europe and then America in a camper van, showing the children the world. Admittedly I am not sure that The Geek will ever let me get one quite as pink πŸ™ A bit like this Argentinean family that travels around in their old car. They have been doing it for 14 years and have been to 55 countries. They have even had some of their children along the way. I realized that on South African passports and with the exchange rate here we were never going to get far, traveling for the 5 was going to need something a bit more drastic, so we started talking about maybe living in Europe and using it as a base to travel around. It seemed like a crazy idea, we are very settled here.

The Geek has never been to Europe. He went to China last year on a business trip and it was his first time out of SA and he did not do any traveling or sight seeing. I want to show the children so many things. Caleb is very into castles and knights at the moment and it would be so nice to take him to a real castle.

For a long time we keep leaving the idea and then coming back to it, we have done load of research and reading on where to go and what would be a good move for us. Yes it is crazy, yes we are taking a huge risk but there are a lot of things I can’t tick off my bucket list if we don’t take some risks.

The other big reason is that there is a lot more scope for growth and the possibility of further study in Yme field overseas, than here is here. He has been looking in SA, but nothing short of a move to Jhb will give him a chance to move on in his career and even then the same opportunities as overseas do not present themselves here. We did not want to live in Jhb. Yme would love to study his masters and maybe even an engineering degree. Here that would be very hard.

The long process of looking where to go and what would be a good move started. We have more or less decided on Sweden. The number 1 question we get asked at the moment is “why Sweden?” so in the next post I will cover all our reasons for why we decided on Sweden.

6 thoughts on “Big Plans, Big Move

  1. I remember you talking about this 3 years ago when we visited you… Brilliant that you’re going to go for it! It’s going to be amazing πŸ™‚

  2. very exciting stuff although i do feel very sad for ouma!
    my family come from sweden,i wld love u to send postcards so we can see what it looks like. πŸ™‚

    • Beccy we know it is illegal, we have done extensive research. I will send the kids to Waldorf school if possible. I think going to school will form part of the integration process for them and will help and learning the language for them.
      Even in the European countries where it is legal or allowed with permission, the numbers are very low and most are religious families who have very different reasons from me for home schooling. I would not feel able to provide the social interaction that they will need in a place with very few other home schoolers, where we would probably be the only non religious ones. I am comfortable with them going to school in Sweden.

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