Shoes and the curse of the Gargantuan Woman

I am 5″11 or 1,79m for the metric amongst us. This is not short for a woman. In fact I am taller than the average for women in every country around the world and a good deal of the male averages too. In fact there are only a couple of European countries where the male average is taller than me. Wiki is such a useful place. All the height info is here

While there are definite advantages to being tall one of them is not the ability to wear high heel shoes. Although I did wear these on my party, it is just not something I do on a regular basis.


I know high heels make your bum and legs look great and all those things , but I land up feeling like Brienne from Game of Thrones, although admittedly she is 6,3″ ( with heels I am not far off) I just feel a little ridiculous. So I have been confined to flat shoes most of my life. I am not complaining much as I like flat comfortable shoes. Being a nurse I needed comfortable shoes and the same is true being a mom of 3.

But there are some pretty shoes out there! At the moment I am lusting after these, they are by a company called Fluevog and cost $299! (a mere R2996 without postage and import costs)


I want to wear them with hand knitted socks like these Ardwinna socks on Ravelry


I am now on a mission to combine cute knitted socks and shoe. My mom brought me some Groundcover Mary Jane’s in fuschia for my birthday and Carle knitted me some great socks


But what to wear with them? Jeans are okay and my default item, but a cute skirt would look so much better. Like this example Clare from Yarn and Pointy Sticks Blog had of Hedera socks by Reecie


3 thoughts on “Shoes and the curse of the Gargantuan Woman

  1. I love those Fluevog shoes. I am a converse girl. All day every day. I do want to show off my socks though so I think I will join you on thus mission!

  2. You’d fit in well in Germany, lots of tall people there, my cousin there is 1.78M and often wears heels, guys love it! Don’t confine yourself to flats 😉 Im only 1.63M 🙁 and I can’t walk in heels so I always wear flats lol.

  3. Im 178 so right there with you lol. I wear heals, just about 5cm, every day. Just because it feels best for my back and they are comfy.
    I wear nothing but el naturalista on my very impossibly weird feet …oh and they are size 42… Biggest female size available here.

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