When the design does not go to plan…

I saw a funky cotton infinity scarf kind of thing in Big Blue. It was modled in the shop over a T-Shirt and I was thinking that with Autumn (at that point coming up) it would make a great season changing T-Shirt accessory.

I decided to use Bamboo to be a cool spring/autumn type of scarf. I knitted and frog a few ideas. Bounced a few ideas around when had tea with Di one day. I was really not happy with the one way I was doing it and chatting to her I decided changed the whole thing.

It started as a tube, to avoid rolling, but knitting a tube was using a lot of yarn and I was worried about not having enough length and the pattern did not feel very inspiring. So I frogged it.
Infinity Scarf

Next I decided to knit it across casting on the 400+ stitches. I love the pattern but when changing the pattern from a flat pattern to a round I did not feature in the stitch that had to move one to the left in the 2nd pattern repeat so it did not stack up as I wanted it to.



It blocked a normal size
Infinity 6

Wearing it made it grow vertically a lot! And it has the tendency to roll, which is what I was trying to avoid in the first design

Now when I wear it I have made peace with the fact that it rolls and I just embrace the garter stitch Wrong Side look. Bamboo stretches a lot and I can now wrap it 4 times!
photo (95)

So where to from here for the pattern. I am going to try knitting it length wise instead of width wise, Fix the pattern error and maybe maybe go back to the tube idea so it can’t roll. Not a waste, lessons learnt

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