I need a Haramaki – Belly Warmer

It is now winter in South Africa although I am thinking our Northern friends might actually laugh at what we call winter. It will get a tad colder but for now the air is chillier and I need slippers and a cardigan.

Being a tall girl I have the problem of my clothes not always approximating in the middle well. This makes for a cold belly and back.

The Japanese have the solution a Haramaki. Originally worn by Samurai warriors, sewn by their women for luck and to protect their Chi around their middle.

We loose a lot of heat through our middle and so a modern take on a Haramaki is a good option. As we can see from the picture below, they really do work.


Rachel has been wearing a scarf around her middle for the last 2 days and is sold on the idea. I think I might knit myself one. Maybe even design one.

Or if you sew you can follow the tutorial on Planet June

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